Amusement Park


When a date threatens to turn into a disaster, we give each other a hand.


I wasn’t real thrilled to be going with my parents for this visit. Sure, James and I had sort of been friends when we had been on the same summer basketball team, but I hadn’t seen him for over a year. I had just finished my freshman year in an out of state college while he was a rising senior in high school. Yet, our parents had become friends, and now I was accompanying them to a cookout at James’ house. There promised to be cocktails and beer, which I could not partake of with James there. But he had specially requested that I come along because otherwise he wouldn’t have anyone to socialize with. I would rather have been somewhere else but resigned myself to make the best of it.

When we pulled into the driveway there was already another car there, parked behind James’ family vehicle.

Inside James told me his aunt, uncle and cousin from out of state had dropped by unexpectedly. He introduced me to his cousin Deidra (Dee) and her best friend, Bess, who Dee had brought along for company. They had been travelling around for the girls to scout colleges. Suddenly I was glad I had come along. Dee was one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen – long raven hair hanging below her shoulders, sparkling green eyes, flawless complexion, a smile that lit up the room and a killer body. Her tight sweater accentuated small but perky breasts, and her short skirt did nothing to hide shapely legs and a nice round butt. Bess wasn’t so bad either – blond ponytail, cute upturned nose, a few freckles that gave her face a ‘girl next door’ look, full lips that begged to be kissed, laughing violet eyes and a body that I would have thought remarkable until she stood next to Dee. The girls had just graduated from high school and plied me with questions about freshman life in college.

The early summer air was a bit cooler than usual, but was comfortable enough for the four of us to play horseshoes in the back yard until the hamburgers and hot dogs were done on the grill. A few more couples drifted in from the neighborhood, but no one else our age showed up. Soon there was a party in full swing in the backyard, and we felt out of place.

My mom suggested that the four of us go to an amusement park, Playland, over on the shore. That seemed to be a great way to be by ourselves, so the four of us piled into our family car and I drove the forty minutes or so that it took to get there. Dee sat in the front with me and Bess sat in the back with James. I parked the car just as dusk was falling.

The girls were fun and we had a great time smashing into one another with the bumper cars, and riding the merry-go-round. There were two roller coasters and we started out on the smaller one, planning to work our way over to the larger one, riding all the rides we could and sampling ice cream and funnel cakes along the way.

One ride we got on was a spinning one. We stood along a wall and were pinned to the wall as the ride whirled around faster and faster. The floor dropped out and the girls screamed. Then the ride tilted up, so we spun around and went up and down at the same time. The ride came back to horizontal and the floor came back up as the ride slowed.

When we got off Dee looked a little green around the gills, so to speak. We hadn’t walked far when she rushed to the rail around a ride that was (fortunately) not operating that day, leaned over and heaved. Not once, but several times. It was not a pleasant sight. Everything came up, from the cookout to the ice cream we had just sampled.

When she was finished she held on the metal rail, shaking, and looked around at the rest of us, mortified. We led her, on wobbly legs, over to some tables nearby, where she sat and rested her head on her arms crossed on the table, trying not to cry from embarrassment. She kept mumbling “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

She eventually waved us on. “I don’t want to spoil the evening for everyone. Let me rest a bit and I’ll be fine.”

I said “Nothing doing, I’m staying here with you. James, you and Bess go on and have fun. We may catch up with you when your cousin feels better.”

Dee started to protest that I should go along with the others, but I was adamant that I would stay with her. When the others left the tears started.

“I could just crawl in a hole and die,” she sobbed.

“There’s no shame in getting sick like that. It’s happened to me before, too.”

Gradually her tears stopped and I said “I know you probably have a real bad taste in your mouth right now. Can I get you something to drink?”

She nodded, so I got two colas for us to drink and a handful of napkins. She wiped her face and cleaned off the splattered parts of her sweater and skirt as best she could bursa yabancı escort with the napkins.

Eventually she felt steady enough to walk, and went to the restroom to clean up better. Back at the table I chatted with her and it seemed to take her mind off of how she felt, but she also felt guilty about spoiling my evening.

“Why don’t you go find the others and have some fun? I don’t want to be a party pooper.”

“Uh uh. I’d rather stay with you. Back at school I can ride rides with my friends when the State Fair rolls around in October.”

“Well, let’s go for a walk then. I want to move around, but don’t think I can take any more rides.”

I held her hand as we walked. We talked as we strolled past the place where she had her ‘incident’ and soon found our way blocked with construction. A section of the park was under renovation, and one end of it was torn up with a fence around it, and no lights. Since the park is on the shore we stood at a rail looking out over the water as the moon rose.

Nearby, in the shadows by the construction site, we spied an out of the way bench and sat quietly beside each other, listening to the music and happy screams from the rides behind us and the lapping of the water on the rocks just beyond the rail in front of us.

She leaned her head on my shoulder. “Thanks for being here.”

“There’s no place I’d rather be right now.”

She lifted her head. “Really? Even though my makeup is smeared and I probably look like a clown?”

“Your face could be caked with mud, but your eyes would still sparkle.” I said as I tipped her chin up to look into her eyes. “To tell you the truth, my experience with pretty girls is that they tend to be stuck on themselves and don’t really care about anyone else. You’re pretty, but you are so easy to talk to.”

“You really think I’m pretty?”

“Come on, I’m no dope. I know you’ve been told that before.”

She sighed “Yeah, but it usually precedes a guy wanting something from me.”

“Doesn’t anyone want to just talk to you? I’m sorry, but you’ve been going out with the wrong guys.”

“Oh, I was popular at school, and all the popular guys wanted to date me. But I think they just wanted me as a trophy to brag about. ‘Hey, I dated Dee.’ I heard that sometimes the guys tried to raise their stature with the other guys by implying they had gotten me into bed or something. Things go around at high school, true or not.”

“Yeah, I remember. I never could understand it. I figured if someone bragged about something like that he probably didn’t do it.”

She stared out toward the water. “I did do it twice. My eighteenth birthday was just before prom and I felt so grown up. My ex boyfriend flattered my like they all did, but I felt I was ready. I didn’t know the first thing about it, though. Tommy got so excited about getting into my pants he didn’t even consider how I felt. If the condom he used hadn’t been lubricated I don’t know what would have happened. Even so I felt like he ripped me apart and didn’t care as long as he was satisfied. A few weeks later we did it again. He pleaded that the first time was bound to hurt but it would be wonderful the next time. It wasn’t wonderful. He was fast to climax and when he was finished so were we. I knew there had to be more to it than that, but he certainly wasn’t going to be the one to teach me. That’s why he’s my ex boyfriend.”

“Wow. I know you must have liked him at one time, but from what you’ve told me I think he was a jerk.”

She was silent, continuing to stare out toward the water. Then she turned to me and asked “Have you ever done it?”

“Done what?”

“Had sex with a girl?”

“There’s no point in lying. Yes. But it was by mutual consent. I’ve never talked a girl into anything like that.”

“A lot of girls?”

I laughed. “Hell, no. Just because I’ve done it doesn’t make me an expert. I’ve only really been with one girl like that. Once. I’ve fooled around with a couple of others, but just make-out stuff with clothes on.” I laughed again. “I can’t believe we’re telling each other personal stuff like this. But, like I said, you’re easy to talk to and I don’t feel the least bit self-conscious. I wish I knew someone like you at school. I’d be glad just to talk to her and I’d do my best to make her happy.”

Her green eyes peered into mine, and she moved her head toward me, like for a kiss. I leaned toward her and we kissed. Soft, but lingering.

She ran fingers through my hair. “I want to thank you for not only staying with me, for being honest.”

I tried to make light of it. “If what we just did was thanks, I am satisfied. Like I said, your eyes sparkle in the moonlight and your lips are soft. Right now I’m content just bursa sınırsız escort to be sitting here with you.”

After she seemed to study me for a moment she slid over closer to me, her leg against mine, and clasped her hands behind my neck. We kissed again, but this time she used some tongue, and I had the distinct sensation of her chest rubbing against mine.

My arms went around her waist and her hands left my neck to rest on my chest. She whispered “I mean I REALLY want to thank you.”

That sounded like a come on to me, but I wasn’t sure. I rested a hand on her leg, and she didn’t remove it, in fact it seemed her kissing became even more intense. I moved my hand back to her waist and up her side and my thumb brushed the side of her breast.

She broke the kiss and, while still holding my gaze, lifted her sweater and unbuttoned the front of her blouse. It took willpower to keep looking into her eyes and not watch her open the front of her clothes. I swallowed hard and tentatively reached in to cup a breast. She sighed and came back for another kiss.

With her open invitation, I caressed the breast and brushed my hand over creamy smooth skin up and down, reveling in the feel of her – her chest, abdomen, sides and back. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra, allowing both breasts to spill out, exposed to my touch. They were exquisite. Slightly conical in shape with slightly pointed puffy nipples.

I fondled her and rubbed the nipples to hardness. She moaned with pleasure. I broke our kiss and lowered my head to kiss a breast, teasing a nipple with my tongue. She placed her hands on my head to hold me there, and I feasted on her with my hands and mouth. I kissed the soft flesh and rubbed my face against it and she ran her fingers through my hair, whispering “You’re making me forget what happened earlier.”

I kissed her again and my hands roamed over her body once again, sometimes fondling a breast and sometimes trailing fingers over the rest of her until she shivered, and not just from the breeze blowing off the cold water.

Her leg rubbed against mine to remind me there was more to be explored. I put a hand on her knee and gradually slid it up the inside of her thigh. As I approached her underwear she seemed to open her legs wider and, when I laid my hand flat over the heat and dampness, she sighed. My fingers explored her contours through the fabric, fabric that definitely became even damper the longer my exploration continued.

She thrust her tongue into my mouth, wrestling with mine. My left arm went around her to reach and fondle her left breast. My right hand wandered the short distance up to the waistband of her underwear and fingers tentatively reached under the elastic. Movement of her hips gave me the go ahead and I thrust my hand down through the trimmed hair and into the fleshy folds. My fingers became very wet as they explored. Her labia seemed to grow until they protruded and it felt like they opened almost like flower petals. Her clit was large and easily accessible. I massaged it and she broke our kiss to swallow hard. Her breathing became faster and shallower as I massaged her labia with a finger and my thumb, and she became even wetter. Her tongue plunged into my mouth once again.

When I slipped a finger inside her she almost jumped out of her seat. She clamped her legs together momentarily and I curled my finger inside her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. My free hand continued to attend to her breast, gently squeezing, rubbing the nipple. I leaned over to kiss it once more and then went back to tongue wrestling.

Her hips began a rhythmic motion and I changed my touches from her vagina to her clit to her labia and back to the vagina. My hand became soaked as it had never been before.

Her entire body tensed and momentarily went rigid before I felt the squeezing of her vaginal muscles around my finger. My hand got even wetter. Her entire body seemed to pulse and her skin flushed. She moaned into my mouth and finally relaxed, gasping. I held my finger still inside her and only gently caressed a breast, leaving the sensitive nipple alone for the moment as her internal pulses gradually lessened.

I removed my finger from inside her and slid it up between the labia one last time before pulling my hand out of her underwear. She held my face and kissed me hard as I removed my hands from her. She refastened her bra, buttoned her blouse and straightened her sweater, tucking the blouse back into the waist of her skirt as best she could. As she did that I tasted my fingers – heavenly, the taste enhanced by her musky woman smell.

She caressed my face. “You said earlier you’d like to make a girl happy. You have made me very, very happy. You sure görükle escort took my mind off of the unpleasantness from earlier.” She grinned. “It almost made it worthwhile to have been sick.”

“Well, touching you like that raised my happy meter off the chart.”

“Really? I don’t think so. Since you’ve stayed with me and then made me feel like you just did I have even more to thank you for. You just showed me what I’ve always wanted to know – what it can feel like with the right guy. And you did it without asking anything from me.”

“Pleasing you was thanks enough.”

“I don’t think so. Not proper thanks.”

She looked around, over my shoulder to see if anyone was nearby and kissed me again. This time she dropped her hand to my lap and rubbed me through my clothes. “Yes, I do need to thank you properly.”

We kissed and she periodically peered around to scan our surroundings. She reached for my zipper and pulled it down to reach inside and give me a squeeze. She whispered “I think you need more than a little squeeze.”

She fumbled with my belt and I helped her with it, but she unbuttoned my pants on her own. Her hand played over the bulge in my underwear, noting my every twitch. “Ooh, you definitely need more. You poor thing. It’s so hard it must hurt.”

“Um, it sure doesn’t hurt when you touch me like that.”

Her hand snaked into my underwear and pulled the front of the waistband part way down, just enough to release my throbbing desire.

Once again she scanned around us before she bent over to kiss my penis, and then straightened up to kiss me while her hand stroked and fondled me. I was in heaven. This felt better than the sex I had had with Becky a few months ago – she hadn’t wanted to touch ‘it.’

“I hear guys like it when a girl does this.” She leaned over again and wrapped her tongue as far as it would go around me and used it to stroke me. She held me in her hand and thought for a moment, then took me partway into her mouth. I felt like I would explode.

“Uh, Dee. Just to warn you…”

“I know. I hope you’re not disappointed, but I don’t think I’m ready for all of that just yet. I hope you like what I am going to do.”

She massaged me and when I tensed for release she cupped her hand over the head while continuing to use her fingers on the underside. I let loose right into her hand. She changed her grip so I continued to spurt into her fist. She squeezed and manipulated me until I was finished, semen seeping from between her fingers. Some began to run down her wrist.

I collapsed against the back of the bench, completely out of breath. She pulled my underwear up and tucked me inside while wiping only her wrist on the outside of my underwear. She fastened the button on my pants and pulled the zipper up as I pulled my belt closed. As I had done, she lifted her hand to her mouth and stuck out her tongue for a taste. “Not at all what I was expecting. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I’d have to get used to the taste and feel of it in my mouth.” She worked her fingers over the palm of her hand and examined the whitish contents of her hand. “There’s more than I expected. I thought it would only be a teaspoon or something like that. I’m glad I didn’t try the other thing this time. I might have screamed or something from the surprise. Next time I’ll be ready for it, both the taste and the amount, although I’ll have to think about what to do with it in my mouth.”

She snuggled against me and whispered “That was for making me happy.”

“I think what just happened here is even called a ‘happy ending.'”

Her eyes shone as she laughed, but quickly turned serious. “Uh oh. Just in time, too. Here come Bess and James.”

The two of them came bounding up to us, laughing.

James said “We’ve been looking all over for you. Oh man! You two missed the best rides! That other coaster is great! We rode it three times.”

Bess looked a Dee sadly “I’m sorry you got sick, Dee, and ruined your evening.”

Dee put on a sad face. “Yes, it was awful to get sick like that. I was so embarrassed. But Dave here stayed with me and we made the most of it.”

James put a sympathetic hand on my shoulder. “Too bad, buddy.”

I pretended to be disappointed and said “Yeah, too bad. But I sucked it up and did what had to be done.”

Dee turned her head so the others couldn’t see her laugh.

It was getting late as we headed towards the parking lot. Bess and James laughed as they skipped merrily on ahead of us, but Dee and I walked slowly hand in hand with our fingers intertwined. It seemed we both looked down at our hands at the same time. My right hand, still wet and sticky from her, was holding her left hand, still wet and sticky from me. We looked up at each other and laughed at the symbolism of the mingling taking place in our grasp.

I laughed “I’m glad I could give you a hand tonight.”

She almost doubled over with laughter. “I learned something about giving a hand, too.”

I guess as long as we couldn’t have had real sex that night, giving each other a hand was the next best thing.