Amber’s and the Boyfriend’s Dad


Kyle, Kyle? Are you here” Amber called out to her boyfriend. The 20 year old live in girlfriend was feeling horny, but not necessarily looking to have sex with him. She wondered if he was around. She didn’t see any cars in the street in front of the small urban home, but normally no one parked anywhere else.

Amber, after having a huge falling out with her parents late last summer, was allowed to move in with Kyle and his dad. Kyle was 18 and they met at a party in June and two months later her parents found out she dropped out of college. They were terribly upset. She went full time for the popular restaurant chain Tubulars.

Her dad was particularly upset. Having received his degree in bioengineering, he assumed just like her two older sisters, she would go on to college and get her degree. But the money was simply too good to be true. She decided for the time being she’d work at Tubulars making phenomenal tips, and bring back regular customers who wanted to be waited on by her and her alone. She felt she was special, and Amber was special.

Amber was your classic advanced honors student in high school. She had colleges calling her from all over the country. She wasn’t just smart she also was her school’s homecoming queen and student council treasurer.

But why would a young woman like her fall for a guy two years younger? As gifted as she was, she fell short in one category often. She never could keep solid relationships with guys. She always picked the wrong guy.

But Kyle was a great guy with an upbeat and bright attitude. He was tall and stood 6’5″ and weighed 220 lbs. A well groomed young man, even his wavy light brown hair brought attention. His face was chiseled but his looks were young. His personality attracted Amber to him when he was holding court during a party at a mutual friend’s house. Gobs of people that came circled around Kyle as he delivered his facetious like wisdom while entertaining the crowd.

Amber fell in love with his comedic personality along with his looks. She too was beautiful and sexy. A physique young and old adored. Along with her intellect, her figure actually got her the job at Tubulars.

When she wore the tight fitted peach tank tops and tight black shorts, she dazzled every man who walked into the place. She always had a smile for anyone and everybody.

But her 36C size tits and her great looking ass were both sweet as honey. Add those along with her thick long brown hair and glistening white teeth, and that’s what brought her tips she never dreamed of. She spawned suitors constantly wanting dates or more.

Oddly and fortunately for Kyle, when she approached him at the party to talk, she was the one who asked him out. It floored him but without hesitating a second, he said yes.

Fast forward to that Sunday morning mentioned earlier and Amber due to one odd reason was hornier then hell. What happened Sunday threw Kyle’s dad Mike for a loop too. What happened on Sunday before church through her into an emotional tailspin too.

Getting back from church, she was anxious to get to her bedroom for much needed privacy. Wearing a nice mid length skirt and v-neck sweater, no one at church saw how nicely dressed she was. They wouldn’t see how incredible she looked in the bright yellow sweater she wore. It was not her intention to get anyone’s attention either. She wore a jacket over her outfit.

So what turned her on between church and home? Maybe she was that way prior to going to church but only Amber knew that answer and she would eventually reveal it to that person. She had a dirty little secret from prior to church.

Driving like mad to get home, she didn’t see any cars out front like usual as she headed into the house; she called out Kyle’s name just to make sure he wasn’t there. He was working morning hours. She didn’t call Mike’s name out.

“Good nobody’s around. Oh god am I horny; I’m so sorry” as if praying “but I am horny. Ohhh I am soooo ohhh my god!” She called out for Kyle again and then Mike too.

Mike didn’t hear her come in or his name called out because he was in his study and the door was closed. At that time he was listening to online erotica stories, which he did often. He was listening to them with headphones on so nobody would overhear what was being played. Usually when the door to his study was closed it meant Mike was busy working and doing paperwork. She go and look to see if he was in there. She was too preoccupied by other feelings.

Amber was too horny to double check and make sure nobody was in the house. She couldn’t believe how and why she felt the way she did but due to that dirty little secret, she had it bad for Mike. She didn’t dare tell him or anyone else. She could have called her best friend Carissa that morning but she couldn’t even tell her what happened.

Before church, Amber saw Mike walk totally naked down the hallway. He didn’t see or think she was still there. Stunned at first, Amber thought he was one fine looking Ankara escort man. Amber realized Mike was more hawt then Kyle in fact.

Mike had one thing going for him which Kyle didn’t have. Mike was so much more endowed that Kyle’s cock was put to shame by comparison. She had to see it again. She asked herself why she felt the way she felt, but something kept running through her mind saying to her “I love it; I absolutely adore it.”

Astounded she would ever see something of that nature in her life, she couldn’t shake the image to church, during church, and on the way back home. See it, instantly turned her on. She couldn’t shake her feelings. She was horny and she wanted to do something soon about it!

Amber assumed she was alone and sat down on her bed. Pulling up her skirt, she began fantasizing Mike was down on his knees sucking away at her cunt. Accidentally, she left her door wide open and sat with her back to the bedroom door while looking out her window.

The sun’s rays careened across the budding trees. It relaxed her and turned her on even more as she began fingering her moist pussy while looking out at the bright morning sun.

Quietly she murmured “Ohhh Mike come here please. Yes Mike I called for you.” She continued calling out quietly in her fantasy. “I want to fuck you now Mike. Yes that’s right Mike, I wanna fuck your cock! Oh yes that’s it, let me see that big, mature, and manly cock.” She never thought about Kyle.

Then she pulled her skirt off. She pulled off her nylons. Then she said softly, “I feel so dirty and naughty when you are here. Oh yes Mike, make me feel dirty and naughty.”

She slipped off her panties. With her back to the bedroom door still, she began fingering herself more rapidly. As she did she accidentally got louder, but caught herself and quieted down.

But slowly she became hornier and moaned “Oh Mickey, Mickey ohhhh yeah, yeah stick it deep inside me Mickey.” She removed her cute yellow top and then her bra. She rubbed her tits as she fingered herself. Moaning she called out his name louder and louder; she continued to call his name out.

Mike was just as horny. Ironically he was fantasizing too. Listening to the erotic story led him to want to cum very soon. He would have done it right there in his study but he realized what’s he going to catch anything with. Pausing the story, he stood up, took his pants off, and not thinking that Amber would be back from church, he walked to the bathroom in his underwear. With his right hand, he rubbed his mighty cock, which Amber saw before church by mistake, keeping it nice and stiff. He was as oblivious to her being there as she was to him.

His cock was solid. Mike made Kyle’s hardness pale in comparison. Kyle’s cock was more then sufficient for any woman, but as far as Amber was concerned, Mike’s cock made Kyle’s seem puny.

He wanted to cum badly and thought “Oh god I hafta…” But he heard something he thought. He stopped to listen but didn’t hear anything. He continued walking around the house just to make sure. Hoping nobody was there, he cautiously walked down the hallway.

There were no sounds of any kind. Still he went all the way down to all the bedrooms because he suspected maybe Kyle or Amber could be home. Then just as he arrived at her room, he saw her.

“Oh fuck” he thought, “what the, oh man, whoa!”

Not a word was spoken. There she lay naked and facing towards her bedroom window. Her beautiful hair sprawled out flat on the bed. Her slender toned legs rising up off the mattress as her arms stretched down between her thighs

“Ohhhh Mike go inside me, please Mike, please” he heard her say quietly. Now he was the one who was stunned. As she lay flat on her bed, he saw her 36C boobs rise up off her chest gracefully. Then he noticed her lift one arm to caress her tits while she kept fingering herself.

Mike was not only stunned, he got hornier then before. Hearing his name called out by his son’s naked girlfriend drove him crazy. It was bad enough she is a fine, hott looking girl, but for her to be doing what she’s doing without closing her door, he wanted to jump her right then and there!

He has done everything in his power to conduct himself in a mature way in every situation possible, but Mike took out any secret fantasies he had for her when he was in the shower or his study.

Mike stepped back from the doorway, peeking in while hiding himself from her. She sat up, momentarily stopping what she was doing. She closed the blinds while digging into a drawer at the same time. All the while, her back was to the door. She didn’t find what she was reaching for.

Finally, she turned around and walked to another dresser in front of the wall right by the entrance of the bedroom door. He stood motionless not breathing just outside her doorway. He was roaring with crazy ideas. She began to close the door but not all the way. She found what she was looking for.

“Ahhh there you are honey. Ankara escort bayan Go inside and get warm and cozy. Since Mike’s not here, I want you to be his stand in until that day comes” and she giggled at her playful suggestion. “Lets go lie down baby and you show me how it’s done, well artificially that is” and giggled again. He loved her giggle and how she talked to her vibrator.

Shoving the vibrator into her cunt, she talked to it. “I know, I know what you’re saying ‘Why aren’t I doing this with Kyle?’ Because baby, you are better. You are Mickey. Yes, I love that name for him. He doesn’t have a clue. No, he does not but he will, and soon that day will come and we will too. Mmmm ohhhh, ahhh that feels so good, yes so, soooo good! Ahhhh yes Mickey, yes baby!”

Mike stood outside her door listening to her and how she spoke pleased herself. That was enough to send him over the top. With his dick as hard as it could be, he felt her emotions within his loins.

“Fuck man she likes me?” He couldn’t believe his own two ears. He started rubbing his shaft. Wished it was Amber who was rubbing it, he wished his cock was running deep between her tits, deep inside her cunt.

“No, this is my son’s girlfriend. I told myself I wouldn’t think about her like that but, oh hell fuck it man, I don’t care. I’m going in!”

Turning the corner, he saw her eyes; they were closed. She let the vibrator take care of her shoving it in and out of the fresh and pretty pink cunt. She was completely shaved and from the entrance she looked smooth as a new cars finish. His hormones raged in all directions.

He took two steps closer, then two more, and saw her eyes were still closed. Her legs were up, but apart. She was sighing heavily. She was muttering but he couldn’t tell what.

He walked to the side of her bed. She was gorgeous as she lay naked. He didn’t know what to say. He whispered to her. “Amber you are one lovely woman and I adore you.”

She jumped up scared to death. A look of fright passed across her face. Her nipples were solid stiff. He tried to smile as he looked down at her, standing in his underwear only.

“I heard something. I didn’t know what or who. I didn’t mean to scare you Amber, but I heard everything you’ve said so far. I’m, uhhh, I am honored and let me say something else.”

Still surprised and a little embarrassed, she didn’t have anything to cover up with. “I’ve fantasized about you too. I didn’t want to, but as attractive and as sexy as you are, I couldn’t help myself any more. I want to do that to you. I want to take your vibrator and do you with it. What can I do Amber? Can I do that? May I please Amber?”

“Oh my god, you heard everything? Oh my god, I’m so ashamed. Oh my god. What if, if Kyle finds out? He’d kill me. He’d kill you. He’d never, ever forgive us; oh my god Mike.”

“Call me Mickey, when he’s not around. That turns me on. You turn me on. I want to show you lots of stuff, but either way, call me Mickey like you did” he asked of her in a soft voice.

He was trying to be modest, suave, but sexy all at the same time. He sat down next to her and looked at her as she turned the lower half of her body away from him. She crossed her arms to cover her boobs.

Finally he reached towards her and stroked her thick and long hair. “I love your hair. It’s so luxurious and adds to your sexiness Amber. Come with me to my room. Be with me.”

“Have sex with me in there, please Amber. I will show you how a real man should have sex with a real woman such as you. Come with me, please?”

She sat up and finally smiled. He put his hands on her cheeks. His hands were surprisingly soft to her and warm. She liked how they felt against her fresh young face. She looked prettier then ever. Her body had such nice smooth curvy lines. He was crazy about her.

“Amber look at me.” He grabbed her arm and put it on top where his cock was hiding underneath. He said “Feel it please Amber. Feel the strength of it inside. Feel that power that surges inside. Squeeze it hard Amber.”

She did and her eyes popped open. Finally she spoke with pride. “Oh yes Mike I’ve wanted that for, for so, so long. Ohhh let me feel it with my tongue, with my mouth. Let me taste you Mickey. I want, ohhh yes Mickey, I want to taste your cock. I want to suck it. I want to swallow your cock! Oh yes Mickey, yes let me do that. Then will you, ohhh god will you fuck me forever?”

“Let’s go” he said and stood up. He put out his hand. Once in his room, he locked his door, and pulled back the covers on his bed. He sat her down and took off his underwear.

He pushed his hard cock against her chest between her tits. She smiled and grabbed his hands, pulling him forward as she lay down in the middle of his bed. Following her lead, he slipped his cock between her magnificent breasts. She smiled with desirable joy. He watched every reaction with intrigue and a longing for more.

“Do you have oil or something” she asked.

“I Escort Ankara think so, but Amber your tits well wow, your tits are sexier then sexy! Oh my god I’m the luckiest man in the world!”

He went to get baby oil from the bathroom and she replied “No actually I’m lucky one Mike. I’m really the lucky one.”

“Why do you say that” he asked.

“Because this morning before I left, I saw you; it was an accident. I saw you walking down the hallway. You didn’t realize it I was there still. Maybe you thought I left but I was reading a book and I looked up by chance. You didn’t look out my way and that’s when I saw you. Mike, I saw you completely naked. I saw your cock, I saw your ass; I saw everything. When I saw you, umm in the uhhh buff I was like ohh god Mike the feelings I had all of a sudden for you. I was captivated by what I saw.”

“Mike, I have been horny all morning long because of you! I knew at that exact moment I wanted to fuck you. I couldn’t believe how sexy you were when I saw you naked and that’s why I feel like I’m the lucky one.”

He agreed she was lucky but added he was too. He told her why he thought she was so sexy, especially her tits. He asked her if she would be on top so he could watch her tits dance around and she loved his use of words.

She mounted his cock and once it was inside her, all of a sudden both of them heard Kyle’s voice. He yelled out her name. Mike knew they’d be caught. She got off him right away. He wrapped a towel around himself as she slipped back against the other side of Mike’s bed. He went out to talk with Kyle.

“Hi dad, what’s up? Umm have you seen Amber?”

He told Kyle that Amber left with a earlier to go see some friend.

“Umm haven’t you showered yet dad? I mean it’s what 10:15 already.”

“I was busy with paperwork and emails. I just got done and was about to get a shower.”

Kyle then walked into her bedroom. They ‘slept’ in different rooms but Mike new better then that. Kyle and Amber fucked enough times when they thought Mike wasn’t around, but Mike would come home and hear them doing it only they didn’t know it.

“Why are her clothes on the floor” wondering aloud. “She never leaves anything on the floor like that. She never does that. Why is this out” but he clammed up knowing his dad was there; he was embarrassed his dad saw the vibrator.

“It’s okay I do know what they are Kyle.” Kidding him he added, “Umm aren’t you satisfying her enough? Guess you two will have to have some sex when I’m not around ’cause I don’t wanna know or hear you two doing it.” He laughed at himself, but Kyle didn’t find it amusing.

“Well I guess I can call her on her cell” Kyle added. “By the way dad do you have a minute?”

Mike asked why; Kyle wanted to make sure everything was cool with him and Amber.

“Let me put some clothes on Kyle, and then we can talk. I’ll be right there.” He walked in to his bedroom, around to the other side of his bed and saw Amber lying on the floor but still naked. He smiled and winked at her. She was scared but smiled at Mike.

Kyle walked in as Mike took clothes into his bathroom and slipped them on. Kyle sat down on the opposite end of the bed closer to the doorway. He saw the covers pulled back, but didn’t think twice that his dad hadn’t make his bed.

“Now what did you want to talk about Kyle” putting on a shirt. Leaning against his dresser and waiting for Kyle’s questions, Amber was scared straight. She was as quiet as a mouse.

“Dad is it okay, well umm does it bother you, or has it bothered you that Amber moved in with us? I mean if it has then I want to know, okay? I don’t want things to not to be cool between us.”

“Heck no Kyle, she’s a great girl. She’s been wonderful, I think. You have a great girlfriend. I don’t have any reason whatsoever to put her out. It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, it’s nice having the womanly touch around kind of. I love that aspect of it. What else is there to say? I mean yeah I could flood you with compliments about her I guess, but you probably already know what you need to know. Regardless, it seems like you two get along great. Does that answer your question?”

“Uhh I suppose so. Other then that she or we don’t cramp your style? I mean I know things didn’t work out with mom and you so I don’t want you to feel that way about her.”

“Nahhh Kyle, she’s great and I don’t mind having her around. I can’t say she’s like a daughter because she isn’t but that doesn’t mean I am going to uhhh be mean to her. She is a sweet, nice, and umm, how should I put this discreetly, umm an attractive young lady. I’m sure that’s what you see in her and she must see a lot of things in you she loves too.”

“Hey thanks dad I appreciate it. You really mean it right? Thanks that means a lot to me dad. I’m gonna go call her and find out where she’s at. Talk to you later.”

Amber listened to what Mike had to say and felt good about what he said. She began to like Mike even more. However she began to wonder if she thought of him a little bit as a father figure and not that sexy looking cock swinging man she saw walk down the hallway naked earlier in the morning. She sat up after hearing Kyle walk out of the room.