Am I Fuckable Yet?


Caroline was cumming again. It seemed as though she could feel every inch of her body all at once. Every bead of sweat running down her ever improving body, the pull of her hairband tight around her straight brown hair, her tits bouncing almost violently with the motion of her body. Caroline could feel it all as she looked behind her at her son Clayton, 22 years her junior and barely able to keep up with her. As her orgasm passed Caroline couldn’t help but think of how much she loved their time together.

Clayton was sweating intensely trying to keep up with his mother. It seemed like only yesterday he had been begging her to do this with him and now, as he looked down at her sexy ass bouncing in front of him, he wondered just how long he could keep this up. As she slowed her pace a bit Clayton was able to gasp, “What are you trying to do Mom, kill me?”

Caroline slowed to a walk as they made it to her driveway. Laughing at her son she said, “Listen, this was your idea remember. I was content with my old routine of working and then reading a book, although I have to admit I am enjoying this a lot, and I am loving the results. My body hasn’t looked or felt this good in years.”

Clayton looked over his mom and couldn’t agree more. He had always been attracted to her, and since they had been running together her body had gotten extremely tight. She had even started running in tight shorts and a sports bra, making it hard for Clayton to stay focused and not get hard in front of her. He always looked forward to the after workout shower at home were he could fantasize about his mom while soaping up and stroking his six inch rod.

“I know it was my idea mom, but sometimes you just get in a zone or something and take off on me,” he replied. “I don’t know what comes over you but I can barely keep pace,” he added.

Caroline smiled to herself, thinking of all the orgasms she has had since they started jogging together. “Sorry honey, I don’t know what gets into me. It just feels so good to be outside running and sweating and……..I don’t know it just feels good and I go with it. I’ll try not to run away from you anymore, but you should pick up the pace a bit too,” she said. “Hell you’re 22 years younger than me, you should have no problem keeping up with my old ass anyway,” she added with a teasing smile.

“Ha ha very funny,” Clay replied, “I am keeping up, thank you very much, and you aren’t that old anyway.” “I found some dirt the other day that was way older than you,” he teased back, laughing at his mom while she pushed him on the shoulder.

“So are we on for Wednesday?” Caroline asked her son, “I have to hit the shower and get ready for work.”

“No, can you do Thursday?” he asked, “My schedule changed at work, and I have to cover day shift on Wednesday.”

“Okay, sounds good to me. Thursday and Friday right?” she asked, making sure. “And don’t forget we go up to three miles next week,” she added as she stepped in the house and waved goodbye to her son.

Clay waved back, “Okay mom see ya’ Thursday. Love you.”

“Love you too,” Caroline replied.

Caroline loved her shower after a run. The cool water felt so good running over her hot skin. She felt her nipples tighten as the water caressed her entire being. Her pussy was already sensitive from the friction of running and the small orgasms it caused. She always soaped up slowly, paying special attention to all of her sexual areas. She always came hardest in the shower after a good run, thumbing her clit with a finger just inside her ass and her left hand pulling hard on a nipple. No man had ever made her cum like she did in her shower.

Back in his apartment Clayton was doing almost exactly the same thing his mother was doing. Although when Clay soaped up his rod, he was fantasizing about sliding it deep into his mom. He could envision what her tits would look like as he removed her sweat soaked sports bra and sucked on her salty nipples. He wondered how they would feel in his mouth, and if they would get hard. He stroked slowly, feeling his hand move from tip to base, smelling her. Clay used his Moms brand conditioner to stroke with because it smelled like her and it was the best lube he ever used. He imagined what her tongue would feel like against his, and what her lips would taste like if he could nibble them. What would her scent be if she allowed him to peel off her running shorts and take in her sex? Does she shave? Imagining his tongue reaching out for her as she spread herself, inviting him into her sends him into an intense orgasm. Glob after glob of semen flowed from his tip, over his hand, and down the drain. He always came hardest for his mom.

Clayton was a good kid but never really excelled at anything. It was no surprise that after graduation he became under-employed at a local pizza place and moved into an apartment about two blocks away from his parents. When his parents split about a year later he was shocked but nothing really changed for him. He didn’t like his dad much escort bayan bursa and was jealous of him because he was very attracted to his mother. His dad almost disappeared completely after the divorce and now he sees his mom three to five times a week.

Caroline was a good wife and a good mother. If she had any shortcomings as a mother, it would be that she didn’t push her son toward success. Some moms would be disappointed that their son worked fast food and lived in a tiny apartment, but Caroline was very proud and very happy that her son was close to her. The divorce was unexpected and very hard on her. She became a little depressed and let herself go just a little bit, and her son was the one thing that kept her going. Now that they were running together three times a week she was feeling great and starting to regain her figure in the process.

Thursday morning came and Clayton tried to keep up with his mom, but Caroline’s orgasm driven pace made it difficult, just like every other run day for the past several weeks. Today neither of them had work, so they decided to have a quick breakfast, and that change in routine was the beginning of a very interesting chain of events.

As Clayton followed his mom into the kitchen she surprised him when she turned, raised her arms a bit and said, “Well Clay, what do you think? Am I fuckable yet?”

Clay almost choked, “What?” was all he could get out.

“Am I fuckable?” Caroline repeated, “When your dad walked out on me I felt like shit and I started to look like shit too, but since we’ve been working out I feel great and I think I look great, so I was wondering what you thought. So do you think anyone would want your old mom or do I still have more work to do?”

“Wow, what a strange thing to ask,” Clay started, staring at his moms sexy body, getting hard despite himself. “Yes mom, you are definitely fuckable, but as far as I’m concerned you always have been,” he said to her honestly, “Hell, you were the founding member of my spank bank.”

“Spank bank, what the hell is that?” she asked, honestly having no idea what he son was talking about. As she did, Caroline leaned back on the table against her palms, unknowingly sticking her sweaty tits out slightly toward Clay.

“Well mom, a spank bank is the mental list of women that a guy uses for his sexual solo missions,” he said, “and mom, I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but you were the first person I ever thought about while stroking. To be perfectly honest you were the most recent too.” He chuckled at himself just a bit after that last part and added, “So to answer your question again, to me you are definitely very fuckable.”

“You fantasize about me when you jerk off?” Caroline asked her son in disbelief.

Clay nodded.

Caroline was dizzy. What did this mean? She was sweaty, and horny, and confused.

“So you’re telling me that if I dropped my pants right here and bent over this table, you would just come right over here and fuck me. Your own mother?” she asked

“Absolutely,” he replied, getting harder at the thought.

Then she surprised them both by doing it. Caroline pulled her running shorts and panties down to her ankles in one quick motion, then turned around and bent over her kitchen table. she gripped the far side of the table pressing her tits firmly against it and exposing her hot, wet sex, offering herself to her son.

For all of his surprise, Clayton did not hesitate at all. He pulled his pants down just enough to expose his manhood and approached his waiting mother. In one fluid motion he grabbed Carolines ass with his left hand, squeezing slightly to open her pussy as he guided himself into her with his right hand.

Caroline gripped the table with all her strength as she felt every milometer of her sons cock pass easily through her sopping wet folds.

His cock seated fully inside her with the first stroke and Clayton moved hands to his mothers sexy hips. He slid out then deeply back into her for the second stroke, then on the third stroke he came. Clayton came deep inside his mother, fulfilling his deepest fantasy yet still wanting more.

Caroline felt her son cumming inside of her and she felt herself cumming with him. Her pussy gripped him inside of her, and her cervix spasmed to meet spurt after spurt of his loving seed. The knuckles of her hands went white as Caroline gripped the table, and she bit her lip to stop herself from exploding with pleasure.

As his orgasm passed, Clayton pulled himself free of Carolines pussy spilling a large glob of his semen right into the crotch of her panties. He stepped back from his mother and pulled his pants up, not knowing what would come next.

Caroline let go of the table and pushed herself upright, still in disbelief that she had just been fucked by her son, feeling their combined cum running down her thighs. She reached down and pulled up her shorts and cum filled panties, feeling his already cold semen against her pussy. bursa sinirsiz eskort Before she could say anything, Clayton spoke.

“Sorry I was so quick mom,” he said, “If you give me some heads up next time I can prime the pipes ahead of time.”

She wasn’t sure if this was his intent but that comment really lightened the mood for her again. “Next time eh,” she said, “that’s pretty presumptuous of you, don’t you think?” Then she added, “And don’t worry about time, you got me there too baby.” “I can’t believe you did it, I was just calling your bluff and you fucked me on my kitchen table,” she finished.

“No bluff here,” he replied, “I told you that you were fuckable and I meant it. I just wish it would have been longer. I have so many different things I want to do with and to you mom.”

“Alright don’t push it buddy, you’d better go,” she told him, “I need to shower and wrap my head around all of this. And don’t expect a repeat, I can’t even believe this happened.”

“I can’t believe it either, but I will keep hoping,” he replied heading for the door, “love ya mom.”

“love you too Clay,” she said, “see you tomorrow.”

Strangely enough they each settled into almost the same post workout routine as always. The only real difference was that this time, when Clay was fantasizing about his mom in the shower, she was in her shower fantasizing about him too. His cock felt so good inside her that she couldn’t help but want it there again.

By the end of the night Clayton was mildly confused. He was certain that he had fucked his mom after their jog, but with all of his masturbation and fantasies of her, he was beginning to doubt himself as to whether it actually happened, or if he was just fantasizing too much.

Friday morning Clayton was certain that it was all just a dream, and he jerked off furiously to his vivid new mother fucking fantasy. When he got to Carolines house, he was disappointed to see her in sweat pants and a sweatshirt.

“Morning mom,” he said, “are you ready?”

“Yeah,” she answered, “lets get started.”

As they stretched Clay watched his sexy mother and Caroline watched her son watching her. He made her feel so sexy and she made him feel so horny. By the end of their stretching Clayton’s disappointment over his mothers outfit had been forgotten and his attention was rewarded as Caroline seductively stripped off her sweats to run in her usual gear.

When they started running Clayton was clearly already hard and Caroline’s pussy was already soaking wet. Clayton lead the way for the entire time guided by his hard rod and Caroline lagged a little as her pussy was already so wet that she didn’t generate enough friction to make her cum.

When they got back to the house they were both a little out of sorts.

“What happened today mom? I’m used to having you lead the way driving me on,” Clay asked.

“Guess I was a bit off my game today,” she replied, “besides moms need motivated sometimes too.”

Clayton was still unsure of himself, but he was never one to hold back and didn’t want to miss an opportunity if there was one. “Mom,” he began.

“what baby?” she replied.

“I know that no matter what the answer is, this is an insane question,” he said, “but, did we have sex yesterday?”

Caroline smiled at her son, “come on in the house baby and we can talk.”

They went inside and sat at the table that they had fucked on just 24 hours before. “Clayton,” she started, “What happened yesterday should never have happened. It was crazy, but you didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking, what kind of mother offers herself to her son like that. I want you to know how much I love you son, and I don’t want anything to come between us.”

Clayton was jolted back to the reality of the situation. He had convinced himself that it was a fantasy and now reality hit him square in the face. “Holy shit,” he said excitedly, “I fucked you mom. I’ve wanted to fuck you for years and yesterday you bent over this table and I fucked you.”

“Yes Clayton,” she replied, sightly irritated, “You fucked me yesterday, and we came together in about three seconds. What the hell have we been talking about?”

“Sorry mom,” Clay said, “I have fantasized about you so many times that I couldn’t believe it really happened. When I fantasize about your lips around my cock, or sucking your nipples into my mouth, it just feels so real, I thought that this was one of those kind of fantasies.”

As he was speaking, Clayton started to unconsciously rub himself through his shorts. Caroline listened to her son in disbelief, when she saw him rubbing himself she was both excited and concerned.

“Clayton baby I had no idea you thought of me that much. How often do you think think about me and how could I have not known for so long?” she asked.

“Mom I jerk-off every day to visions of you, and I have for longer than I can remember. I could never let escort bayan you find out because it scared me that you might think I was sick. Hell I even fantasize about you when I’m fucking other women,” he went on, “You are my sexiest fantasy woman and you always will be. You are also my mother and you always will be. I love you and I want you but I am not in love with you mom. I can love you, and we can have sex, and I can still find a woman to fall in love with.

“Baby you’re talking crazy,” Caroline couldn’t believe her ears, “You felt so good inside me but we can’t be having sex with each other.” Caroline was getting wet again, “You make me feel so sexy, but I can’t believe that I am your sexiest fantasy. There are so many sexy women out there with so much more to offer son.”

Clay stood and grabbed his mom by the hand, “Come here and look mom,” he said, dragging her to a full length mirror in her bedroom. She stood in front of the mirror with her son standing behind her. “look at yourself mom,” he said firmly, “what man wouldn’t want you?” “It’s taking everything I have not to strip you down and take you right now,” he continued. “I want to taste the sweat on your neck,” he said, gently touching her just below her hairline. “I have dreamed of peeling off this sports bra and sucking your nipples that I have no memory of ever seeing,” he continued as his hands trailed softly down his mothers sides down to her hips.

Caroline was exploring her own body with her yes as her son was gently exploring it with his hands. She was torn between wanting him to stop and just wanting him. If he went any further she wouldn’t be able to stop.

“Your hips are amazing,” he said, “they felt so sexy as I thrust into you yesterday and I have always wanted to slide off your shorts and taste you through your panties. I would then take those off and lick both your pussy and your ass mom.”

She felt his hands on her hips and felt him grinding his hard cock against her ass. Control was lost and she was his for the taking.

He looked in her eyes in the mirror and said, “Mom, I want you. Give yourself to me.”

She didn’t say a word, just raised her arms and allowed her only son to slowly remove her sports bra like he had fantasized about doing so many times before. His hands stroked her to the tips of her fingers and the bra fell to the floor.

She turned to him and allowed time for his eyes to take in the breasts that he longed to see. He leaned down and took her hard nipple into his mouth, causing her to moan with intense pleasure. After sucking both nipples and memorizing how they felt on his tongue, Caroline gently raised her sons head and, for the first time, she kissed him deeply. They allowed there tongues to dance as they each explored the others back with there hands. Reality was so much better than fantasy ever was.

When they broke their kiss Caroline looked at her son and smiled, “I think it’s time for you to take my shorts off baby, and I think you should call me Caroline.”

“Mom,” Clayton replied, sliding down her front to his knees, “It is time to take your shorts off, but I will not be calling you Caroline.”

Clayton slipped his moms shorts down her sexy legs, caressing them all the way down. He them pushed his face firmly into her panty covered mound, making her step back toward her bed and out of her shorts. As she met the edge of her bed Caroline sat and lifted her legs, allowing her son better access to her sweaty panties and pussy. Clayton licked and sucked on her ravenously, taking in her scent and all of her flavors.

Caroline was approaching orgasm, “Take them off baby, I need to feel you now.”

Clay reached under his moms sweet ass, never taking his mouth from her pussy, and slip her panties down. He felt his mothers bare pussy on his lips for the first time, tasting her tart tangy flavor even more intensely than ever. Her trimmed brown bush felt amazing against his face as he heard his mothers moans. She was cumming and he could feel her pussy getting even wetter as she did. After her orgasm Clay took his mouth away and admired the beauty of his most fantasized pussy. It actually looked exactly as he envisioned it. Not wanting to lose the moment Clay lifted Caroline’s legs and stuck his tongue directly into her ass, wiggling it around briefly before stopping as his mom squirmed away.

“Wew! I wasn’t expecting that baby,” Caroline said, “That was amazing but I think it’s time for me to take of some of your cloths and admire your sexy body a little bit.”

With that Caroline quickly lifted her sons shirt above his head and quickly went to work on his nipples with her mouth and his shorts and underwear with her hands. Within seconds he was as nude as her and she was sucking and biting his nipples while stroking him feverishly.

She looked up at him as she stroked, “Do you want me to suck it baby?”

“Oh gawd yes mom!” he exclaimed.

“How does mommy know what you want baby if you don’t me? She asked, as she teasingly licked him from base to tip.

“Will you suck it mom, please suck my cock mom,” he pleaded, as she sucked him deep into her throat.

Caroline sucked her sons cock intently for several strokes when she stopped, “Mommy is gonna suck you cock baby, but don’t cum ok, mommy doesn’t want you to cum yet.”