All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 02


Not long after the girls were finished getting ready, the sound of a car rolling into the driveway could be heard. The women throughout the house all came out to greet the newcomers. Debra and Leslie ran to hug their middle sister, Laura, the three loudly talking over one another excitedly.

The four girls went to greet their cousins. Tiffany, who was Jill’s age, Nikki, who was Mal’s, and Jessica, who was the youngest of the group at 19.

They all hugged and greeted one another warmly. Mal blushed as she realized she was feeling a little too warm in fact. She couldn’t help but look at her cousins and think the same naughty thoughts that had been filling her mind since last night. She glanced over at Jill and Candace as they hugged Tiffany and Jessica tightly and shuddered at the dirty images her mind was conjuring.

The day was spent much as the night before had, with the house full of hyper family members, chatting constantly and enjoying one another’s company. Only Mal was quiet, really, throughout the day. She found she was paying a lot of attention to any interaction Jill and Candace had with one another, wondering if she could see anything more in the sisterly touches they gave one another.

Any time one of them spoke to her, her mouth would immediately dry up. All she would be able to think about were the noises from the night before. She just couldn’t look at her cousins the same way, knowing what she knew about them.

That night, the sleeping arrangements had to be changed slightly to accommodate the new arrivals. Because four more women had joined them, they were forced to resort to couches to fill their needs. Fortunately, the couch in the living room pulled out, and Laura insisted she would be more than comfortable there. Tiffany and Nikki were going to share Lizzie’s room now, which would move Lizzie down to join her sister in her room. Jess was stuck on the futon in the basement rec room, just across from the two bedroom doors.

At around midnight, Jill was the first to get up and yawn, announcing she was ready for bed. “I don’t know why, but I didn’t seem to get much sleep last night.” she explained, with a devilish smirk thrown her sister’s way. Mal couldn’t help but notice that, and huffed a little, despite herself. No one took any notice, though, and one by one the rest of the family announced similar intentions.

As Mal settled in under the covers, she found her eyes eagerly following her sister’s body around the room. The younger girl was dressed for bed in a t-shirt and panties, like the rest of the girls wore, and was putting her brush on the nightstand. She climbed in next to her sister and stretched, her braless breasts pushing against the fabric of her tight shirt. Mal licked her lips unconciously.

“Did you want to read for a bit? I don’t mind you leaving the light on.” Lizzie said with a yawn.

“No, that’s ok, I’m pretty tired tonight” Mal answered, reaching for the bedside lamp.

The two girls settled into the covers, facing opposite directions. Mal found her heart was pounding, the thought of her sister lying next to her was just too much. ‘You can’t be thinking these things!’ she thought to herself, even as she felt her pussy heating up yet again.

Suddenly, she heard a creaking noise through the wall. ‘Shit!’ she thought. ‘Not again! Not tonight!’ In her preoccupation with her situation, she hadn’t even considered this possibility, but it was clear her cousins were getting into it again, and even clearer that her sister would be able to hear them as clearly as she had. She held her breath, listening desperately for any further noises beyond the wall, or for any reaction from her sister behind her.

Then, more creaking, louder this time, and a soft moan. Mal closed her eyes, cursing under her breath. ‘Shit shit shit!’ she thought. Her pussy was quickly moistening again.

Candace and Jill bursa eskort bayan were already naked and in each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Jill pulled back from her baby sister and mewled happily.

“I just couldn’t wait to get you back all to myself again” she sighed, leaning forward again for another hungry kiss.

“Same here, Sis!” Candace breathed against Jill’s lips, their mouths barely parting, then plunging together again. Their hands quickly drifted between each other’s legs, and the delicious feeling of their growing arousal was growing once again.

Jill rolled on top of her sister, the two girls grinding on each other’s thighs, their juices quickly spreading on each other’s burning skin.

The noises were getting louder again, and more obvious, just as they had the night before. Mal was in a panic. She didn’t know if she could trust herself to stay in bed with her sister while this happened. She looked desperately for an escape.

Jess was tossing and turning on the futon in the rec room. It wasn’t nearly as comfortably as her bed at home, and she was having some trouble adjusting.

She looked across the room at the closed guest room door. She kept thinking she was hearing things coming from the room. She strained to listen. She could hear muffled voices, then what sounded like a moan. A sexual moan. She gasped. Was one of her cousins fingering herself? Right there, while her sister slept?!?

She supposed it wasn’t like it was easy to get much privacy in a house full of ten women, but still, she couldn’t believe it! Then to her amazement, she heard a second moaning voice joining the first. She listened again.

There was no mistake about it, two distinct voices! Her mind raced as she thought of the posibilities. She concluded there could be only one, there was something going on between her cousins, right now, in that room. Something sexual!

She felt her cheeks get warm, and her nipples harden. She was getting aroused, laying there, listening to her cousins get off together. ‘Well, who wouldn’t?’ she told herself. ‘It sound’s fucking hot!’

Convincing herself it wasn’t necessarily a comment on her own sexual preference, she quickly shoved her hand into her panties, feeling the slickness of her arousal and quietly groaning. She was so turned on, there was no need for her to reason with herself about it, she just went for it, rubbing her clit hard, her other hand quickly finding her soft breast and squeezing it.

Jill sat back on the mattress, sliding her hips forward to meet her sister’s. They were both supporting themselves on their elbows, scissoring their legs together, and eagerly pushing their dripping slots against one another.

Candace gasped as she felt the heat and wetness of Jill’s pussy make contact with her own. They began to slap their pussies together, their movements becoming increasingly frantic. Sweat dripped from their bodies as they pounded in to each other, shaking the bed repeatedly against the wall as their excitement increased.

Mal couldn’t take it any more! She couldn’t bring herself to look back and see if her sister was awake, but one thing she knew for sure, she needed to masturbate, now, and she couldn’t do it here. As quietly as she could, she slid out of bed, padding to the door. She decided she would go to the bathroom, finger herself vigorously, and slip back into bed, hoping her sister wouldn’t say anything. She slipped out of the room, closing the door quietly behind her, and turned, freezing immediately.

Directly in front of her, her sexy younger cousin, Jess, was wantonly rubbing herself inside her panties, her other hand groping roughly at her chest. Mal groaned, her legs giving out momentarily, and quickly caught herself before she fell to her knees.

Jess was oblivious to her big cousin’s presence, lost in her own pleasure, bursa merkez escort her fingers squelching in her boiling pussy, her nipple throbbing between pinching fingers, and her ears ringing with the increasing sounds of sex emanating from the spare bedroom. Her eyes shut tightly, she was doing her best to imagine the delicious image of her cousins lost in sexual bliss with each other.

She didn’t open her eyes at all, until suddenly she felt a third hand on her body. She jumped, her eyes shot open, and she looked up to see Mallory kneeling next to her on the floor, her hand caressing the younger girls inner thigh, her eyes filled with a trance like, lustful expression.

Jess quickly slid her hands from under her clothing, trying to compose herself and stammering excuses. “Mal! I – I um, was dreaming abou-” Mal squeezed the young girl’s thigh, interrupting her: “Why don’t I um.. help you with that.” she whispered, licking her lips. She slowly slid her shaky fingers up the younger girl’s thigh, causing her to gasp. As she approached Jess’s panties, her cousin spread her legs wider, her body trembling in anticipation.

Mal hesitated for only a moment, before sliding her fingers beneath the fabric and touching her cousin’s wetness for the first time. Both girls moaned, and all aprehension evaporated. Mal’s fingers plunged into Jess’s wetness, pumping gently. Jess threw her head back, her hips lifting off the futon and pushing against the invading digits. No words were spoken, the only sounds in the room the wet slapping of Mallory’s fucking fingers, and the strangled whimpers from Jess’s lips.

As soon as Mal had left the room, Lizzie rolled onto her back, gasping in amazement. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing! It took every ounce of will power for her to keep quiet and play dumb, but the sounds her cousins were making were definitely having an effect on her.

This whole time, she couldn’t stop herself from imagining their feminine bodies, naked and grinding together, and it was making her wet! She wondered to herself if Mal had heard them… How could she not have? What was she thinking? Was it the same thing Lizzie was? The moaning in the next room suddenly got louder, and Lizzie shuddered, giving in and plunging her fingers into her swampy cunt.

Jill and Candace were bumping and grinding wantonly now, drenched in sweat and panting for air. The bed groaned and swayed beneath them as they pumped against each other, their pussies slurping and slapping vigorously.

Candace struggled to sit up, reaching desperately for her big sister’s body, but could barely reach her chest. She pushed her fingers into the soft flesh, grasping at the nipple, causing Jill to cry out, straining her hips even harder as she thrust forward. With her last ounce of strength, she pushed herself forward, and the sisters wrapped their arms around one another. Their hungry lips sought one another, and they kissed hungrily, bodies trembling, until the kiss dissolved and they began greedily licking at each other’s faces.

Finally, it all became too much, and they both exploded together, cunts gushing fluid onto each other’s stomachs, inner thighs, and all over the sheets. Jill fell back, pulling Candace on top of her, and the two continued to hump each other for several minutes, until a second orgasm overtook them both. Their faces contorting, they strained against each other, beyond ecstasy, until they finally collapsed, a tangle of sweaty limbs.

Jess was pumping her hips hard against Mal’s thrusting fingers, her pussy drooling juices into her panties. Her shirt clung to her breasts, drenched in sweat as she gripped the arm of the futon tightly above her head. Mal’s fingers were a blur as they pistoned in and out of her younger cousin’s pussy. Her hand was stretching the girl’s panties so much the elastic would bursa sınırsız escort bayan be worn for good, but neither girl cared.

The noises in the guest bedroom had stopped, but neither girl noticed. Jess opened her eyes, looking up at her cousin. She wanted Mal to see her face when she went over the edge. She held her gaze, panting and whimpering, until she finally exploded, gasping as her climax took over, her legs clamping hard on her cousin’s arm.

Mallory used all her strength to continue pumping, despite the vice like grip Jess’s thighs had on her. The continued feeling of Mal’s fucking hand extended and increased the power of Jess’s orgasm, and she dissolved into the futon, convulsing and wheezing, too breathless to even cry out.

When her thighs finally loosened their grip on Mallory’s arm, the older girl slipped her hand out from her cousin’s destroyed panties. She stared down at her pussy coated fingers, and couldn’t hold off any longer. Her dry hand plunged into her own wet panties, fingering herself viciously. She sucked her dripping fingers into her mouth, luxuriating in the taste of her young cousin’s orgasm.

The taste drove her to finger herself even harder, until her thighs were shaking as she knelt on them. Greedily sucking every drop of pussy from her hand, her orgasm took her quickly, crashing over her like a tsunami. She whimpered desperately against her fingers, her pussy gushing into her panties, until she slumped down, sitting on her shins and pulling her hand from her mouth.

After several moments, her eyes were once again able to focus, and she looked down at her exhausted cousin.

Jess was staring up at her incredulously. Calling on her remaining strength, she pulled herself up from the futon, grabbing her cousin and kissing her as passionately as she could. Mal returned the kiss eagerly, the two girls exploring each other’s wet mouths with eager tongues. They whimpered against each other, hands gripping each other’s necks and pulling each other hard into the kiss. Then, as suddenly as she had initiated it, Jess pulled away, collapsing back into her pillow.

She smiled, whispering a hoarse “thank you”, before closing her eyes.

Mallory blushed slightly, and whispered “thank you too” back, even as she heard the soft snoring coming from her cousin. She slowly pulled herself to her feet, ready to fall back into her warm bed for the night.

Lizzie was gasping for breath, her fingers plunging hard and fast in her pussy. Covered in a sheen of sweat, she clumsily kicked off the blankets, shoving her other hand down her panties to play with her clit. The noises through the wall had just died down, but she was on a fast track to the most intense orgasm of her young life, her thoughts filled with pictures of hot lesbian incest.

Pulling one hand back out of her bottoms, she sucked her wet fingers into her mouth, tasting her juices as she drove herself over the edge with her remaining hand. Her hips shooting up from the mattress, she whimpered against her fingers, still sucking at them greedily. Her pussy gushed fluid into her panties, spilling out onto her thighs and dripping down to the sheet beneath her. Her hips came crashing down to the bed, and she rubbed her ass lewdly into the mess as she continued to wiggle her fingers inside herself. Pulling her fingers from her lips, she groaned as another wave of pleasure washed over her, and spasmed for several seconds.

When the intense feelings finally began to ebb away, she tiredly pulled the blankets back over herself, hoping to hide the mess she’d made so it could dry.

Almost as soon as she did, the door swung open, and a very worn out Mallory stepped into the room. She looked at her sister, who was once again feigning sleep. She tiredly crawled into bed, careful not to wake her. Lizzie wondered for a brief moment what her sister could have been doing out of the room for so long, but sleep soon overtook her. Equally exhausted, Mal passed out just as quickly.

In the next room, it took a long time for Jill and Candace to stir, slowly disentangling themselves from each other to tiredly crawl under the sheets. They kissed tenderly before promptly passing out for the night.