Afternoon Delight


Sandy and Bill – so busy, schedules so different – they found it really hard to find time to be together. However, they were dedicated to making sure not to neglect each other and once a week they made time to stop everything else in their lives. Right in the middle of the day, they chose a time each week to turn off all the cares in the world and find time for each other. This week had been especially hard on both of them and they were determined to make Friday afternoon special. From 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock Friday, they were going to enjoy some very special time in a nice hotel room, enjoying the intimacy that the work week so often lacked. Bill wanted today to be especially great, so he called up a special friend of Sandy’s: a lovely girl named Amanda. Amanda was younger than Sandy and Bill, in her early twenties. Bill knew that she was a very close friend of Sandy’s and would be willing to do literally anything for her friend. He called up Amanda and told her what he had in mind and Amanda agreed eagerly. “You have to understand, Amanda, I don’t want anything for myself,” Bill told her over the phone. “I just want you to be there for Sandy, and show ankara escort her your love as I share mine with her. Can you meet us at the hotel room at 3:00?” Bill was disappointed to find out that Amanda had a conflict and couldn’t arrive until 4:00. She suggested that Bill should do his best to get Sandy “warmed up”. When Amanda showed up at 4:00, she would be happy to join in. Bill was very excited, knowing that he had arranged a very special surprise for his lover. Friday morning had gone by so slowly for both of them. Now, at last, Sandy and Bill had closed the hotel door behind them and were locked in a warm embrace. He noticed that Sandy had glanced at the clock several times, as they kissed, and he asked her what was on her mind. “Bill,” she said, “I have a very special surprise for you today. I want our lovemaking this afternoon to be really memorable, so I’ve invited someone to join us. She’ll be here any moment. I told her that I want to give you twice the pleasure, and she’s agreed to help me. She’s going to show up any minute, and I wanted you to be ready, since she can only stay for an hour.” Bill’s mind was racing. He wasn’t even ankara escort bayan sure if he should tell Sandy what he himself had in mind. Sandy was bringing in a partner at 3:00, but Bill had already arranged for Amanda to arrive at 4:00. This could be awkward! However, he loved Sandy for being so generous, to allow her love for Bill to be shared by another person. Bill’s heart was pounding and his cock was hard already. Then came the knock at the door. Both Bill and Sandy exclaimed, “Amanda!” as the door opened. Sandy’s exclamation was a greeting — Bill’s was an expression of surprise and relief. Both lovers had decided on the same wonderful gift for their partner! Amanda would be there to intensify and prolong the experience for both of them. They all got a laugh at the secret Amanda had been keeping. Her appointment at 3:00 was to be with Sandy, and her 4:00 appointment was with Bill. Now they all stood there, looking at each other, not sure where to start. They were all relishing the anticipation of what was about to happen. “I just want you both to know,” Amanda said, “that I’ve received instructions from both of you. Sandy escort ankara told me to only worry about pleasuring Bill, and Bill told me that I would only be here to help him satisfy Sandy in every way possible.” She winked and said, “I take it that means that I have permission to do just about anything I want! Why don’t you two get started while I change?” She disappeared into the bathroom as Bill and Sandy had a moment together to thank each other for this amazing gift. Amanda came out ten minutes later. She was totally naked as she entered the bedroom of the luxury suite. Seeing that Sandy and Bill were caressing and kissing urgently on the bed totally naked, she laughed and said, “Great minds think alike, I see!” She told the two lovers to separate. Amanda had been told to pleasure both of them, and she figured she should start by doing both at the same time. Sandy lay back on the pillows, staring into Bill’s expression of lust, his cock straight out and hard. Amanda got in between them, and soon was on her knees licking and sucking and finger-fucking Sandy’s glistening wet pussy. Bill was behind Amanda, sliding his dick slowly in and out of Amanda’s hot young cunt. Sandy’s beautiful blue eyes and Bill’s deep brown ones were locked as Amanda rocked back and forth, tongue fucking Sandy’s wetness as she rode Bill’s shaft. Amanda was an expert at both, and knew how to bring them off exactly at the same time.