After the gym



After I finished class for the day, I went to the campus gym. Normally I hate working out but I’ve managed to find some extra motivation lately. I did my normal routine, spending thirty minutes on the treadmill before moving onto one of the resistance machines to work my legs. Nothing too strenuous but I worked up a nice sweat. In fact, working up a sweat was the main reason I was there. When the work out was over, I sent a text, then stretched a bit. I smiled when I got the answer then left the gym. I grabbed my bag from the locker room, but I didn’t bother showering or changing.

I walked across campus to one of the dorm towers and got into the elevator. There were a couple of other people in there with me, and based on their reactions I could tell they could smell the gym on me, but they probably assumed I was heading to my room for a shower rather than showering at the gym. They were wrong, but that wasn’t any of their business. I got off on the eighth floor, and walked down to a room near the end of the hall.

The door was unlocked as I knew it would be so I stepped inside and locked the door behind me. I looked around the room, but nothing had changed since the last time I was there. There was a small study desk and chair, a few posters on the walls and a door to the toilet and shower that it shared with the room beside it. There was a single bed, and Karen was sitting on the edge of it, fidgeting.

Karen was a cute little girl, straight out of highschool in a small town, here to study nursing. I had met her at one of the LGBTQ nights on campus. She had just come out of the closet, able to explore now that she was away from home. We became friends, but I didn’t think too much of it until one night after a few too many beers at the campus bar she confessed some of her kinkier fantasies. Since then I’d been coming by once or twice a week. We weren’t dating, but I knew how she liked to be used.

I dropped my gym bag beside the door, then took off my t-shirt and sports bra and threw them to her. She held the bra to her nose briefly, then placed it gently in the laundry bin beside her bed. I went over to the bed, pushed her aside and lay down on my back, putting my hands behind my back. Karen leaned over me and brought her face close to my right armpit. She tentatively stuck out her tongue, and gave it a quick lick.

Her nose wrinkled as she took in the smell and taste, but she didn’t stop. As soon as she finished licking the first armpit, she moved over to the second while I sighed and watched her work. When both my armpits, full of stubble since I hadn’t yet shaved that week, were clean, she moved to my chest. She took one breast in her mouth, lightly teasing the nipple as she kneaded the other. Then she lifted both breasts up with her hands and licked away the sweat that had collected under them.

Pretty soon I got ready for something more. I wrapped her hair between my fingers and pushed her head down my body. She grabbed the waist of my gym shorts and the panties underneath them, and began to roll them down my thighs. All the sweat from my work out had collected in the tight pink panties I had worn, and I knew Karen could feel how damp they were. Once she had pulled off my shorts and panties, she knelt between my legs as she folded them, again placing them into her laundry.

I admired the still fully dressed femme kneeling between my legs as she stripped me. She was barely over five feet tall, and had a very small frame, which made her only b-cup breasts look rather large. She had light brown hair in a pixie cut and was wearing a sun dress that day. I knew without checking that she would be naked underneath it.

Once my dirty clothes were folded and put away, she took her pillow and slide it underneath gaziantep escort my butt to raise my hips. Then she pushed my legs wider and lowered her mouth to my sweaty, hairy crotch. Karen took her time to start, licking up and down the cleft between my pussy and legs, changing to dampness of sweat into the dampness of her saliva. Once she had cleaned the outside, she slowly spread my lips with her fingers and began to lick at my slit. I couldn’t tell how much of my wetness was arousal and how much was sweat from the gym, but I was soaked as she greedily devoured me. She plunged her tiny tongue as deep into me as she could, her nose grinding into my pubic hair. I tangled my fingers in her hair and tried to force her deeper, grinding my pussy into her face.

After grinding on her for a few minutes I pulled her head up so that her tongue landed on my clit. She rolled her tongue against it as I started bucking my hips, both hands now gripping the back of her head. As she sucked my clit out from under its hood and between her lips, I had my first orgasm, soaking her pillow with my cum. I didn’t let her pull away, riding her face to a second, then a third orgasm.

Finally I pushed her away panting. Her face was flushed and wet, a small string of drool hanging off her chin. I sat up and grabbed her under her arms, easily flipping her over so she was on her back on the bed. Then I knelt over her face, knees beside her head facing down her body. I pushed her sundress straps off her shoulders and down to expose her breasts as I lowered myself onto her. Knowing what to do, she spread my ass cheeks with her hands and began to lick up and down my crack, cleaning the sweat and cum that had collected in the hair there.

I pinched and teased her large puffy nipples that seemed to take up half of each breast as she licked me. The small room, which was already full of the smell of my sweat, had started to stink of pussy too. With one hand still mauling her breast, I reached and flipped up her skirt to reveal her freshly waxed pussy. For such a small girl she had surprisingly large pussy lips which were already wet and spreading open in anticipation.

Karen began to desperately push against my asshole with her tongue and I sat down more to help her. Her warm tongue against my tight sweaty sphincter felt amazing and I rewarded her by starting to strum on her clit. I felt her moan, her face trapped between my ass cheeks and tongue getting deeper inside my asshole. I twisted and pulled on her breast and she humped against the hand between her legs. When I felt her start to get close, I stoped playing with her clit, instead curling two fingers inside her pussy to fuck her. She groaned into my ass with frustration, but didn’t stop fucking me with her tongue. After a minute of slowly finger fucking her to let her calm down, I again returned my finger to her clit. It took me even less time to bring her to the edge, then push her over. She bucked wildly against my hand while it felt like she was trying to force her whole face up my asshole. As she came she squirted, drenching my hand and the duvet of her bed.

I sat back on her face with a sigh, using her sundress to wipe her cum off my hand. She lay under me shivering from her giant orgasm for a few seconds, then began frantically tapping my thigh. I sat back up, and she took a huge gasping breath, apparently my ass having smothered her. While she shook and gasped on the bed, eyes half closed and small smile on her lips, I got up. I found the dirty clothes I had left behind last time folded neatly on her desk, and got dressed. I leaned down and gave her a kiss, wrinkling my nose a little at the taste my sweaty ass had left around her mouth. Then I slipped out the door, closing it behind me, and headed home to take a shower.