A Private Time


You are wearing tights, remember when I asked you to wear them, and a dress, sitting on the sofa with something boring on tv. You start feeling horny and begin to fumble with those ample boobs of yours, whilst your hand heads to your pussy. You don’t dive straight in, you stroke your labia and upper thigh enjoying the moment, feeling some dampness develop. You cross from thigh to thigh whilst brushing your lips more and more, noticing your clit responding. You are sucking a finger or two, biting your lip, stopping quickly checking you’ve closed the curtains, this is for you and not anyone else… Once the moment of safety has been reached and you are again comfortable you think, mmm. You decide to stay on the sofa, its leather and wipe clean! You take a large gulp of your red wine and relax back on the sofa, legs more splayed than before, as if imagining putting on a show. You bite you lip once more whilst caressing a breast and put your fingers back into your mouth, anticipating. The hand on your breast wanders up and around your chest and neck, before following the midline straight to your once again closed thighs. Teasing yourself and refusing access.

You grant yourself more wine as the other hand prises up your dress revealing the contained prize within your tights. Caressing your thighs inside and out you allow yourself to part your legs once more and find your hand drawn to your upper lips, right on your clit. Despite tights and your silky pants the pressure is enough to further your arousal. Your stroking becomes more methodical and deliberate as you tell yourself its ok and natural to do this. Your hand explores down towards your mecidiyeköy escort lower lips and your pussy, juices are starting to seep.

At this point you reach inside your tights, inside your panties and feel your pubic hair and mound, not having shaven it today, you weren’t anticipating a show. You pull your hand out, giving the moment due consideration and ignoring it as you want more finger. That’s enough, with a raise of the hips, sweep of the hands and lift of the legs, both tights and panties are around your ankles, your legs fall back onto the cool leather and your knees drift apart as hands caress your now naked thighs forming a cup around your engorged vulva.

You pause once more and decide that the pressure there is just right, hips rocking into your cupped hands, increasing and releasing pressure from your lips and inadvertently you clit. You still haven’t allowed yourself to touch your clit directly yet, it’s a sensitive flower, whilst the juices are building you are not just ready for that intense sensation.

You bring your hands up to your nose and inhale your aroma, intoxicating isn’t it? Building more tension within your inner self you lick your fingers once more and now you delicately spread your lips, gingerly applying more and more pressure to the lips and their hidden treasure, your clitoris. Before you rub that little delight with your lips parted a finger probes into your pussy, feeling your own juices, searching for the natural lubricant that halts you once more. A lick of that finger, a taste of your own juice makes you take a deep breath of anticipation. Quickly your hand resumes nişantaşı escort its position and already your hips are beginning to rock upwards, your body desiring to give you what you are teasing to provide. In a smooth motion your lips are parted once more your fingers glide into your juices once more and begin rubbing. You give yourself a few moments of ecstasy, rubbing, probing deeper and pulling out again, rubbing more and more building up into the delight you allow yourself to bathe in.

The moment passes into a rhythm, your body wants more, you know you can deliver.

You roll onto your side facing into the cool leather of the sofa, your hot breath coming back at you from the leather whilst your thighs clamp onto your trapped, helplessly pinned hand. What more is there to do other than leave it in place and allow the tightness of your thighs to clamp and add to the pressure being applied to your lips and clit. From here you can’t probe deeper, your fingers are limited by the oppressiveness of the clamped thighs. Then the other hand wanders itself onto your bottom, reaching towards their goal, down your thigh a bit and they find your lips.

Once more your clit and lips are happy, clit receiving its doses of pressure, rubbing and momentum whilst your pussy is adding pleasures from the probing of your fingers. Occasionally you plunge them deep in enjoying the warm moist depths and the fullness you get from it pushes you nearer to release.

Oh, that was odd, with so much juice flowing from you something odd happens, halting you in your tracks. Did you just graze your arsehole? Normally avoided etiler escort and disliked from previous encounters, but that felt different.

Clit hand restarts the rubbing gradually whilst you ponder whats just happened and intrigue takes hold. Its dirty and wrong, but why? Now you can’t get that thought from your head, whilst pussy fingers begin their pushing and filling of your pussy clit hand gets more and more pressure going and the ecstasy starts building again.

The intrigue leads you to new places now, naturally lubbed up your finger grazes your arse once more and you allow it to linger. As you do so you take in a deep breath, the sensation only adding to what your senses are telling your brain you are liking. You add more pressure just on the rim, and sharply inhale, gasping at the mixture of newness and slight release. Releasing the pressure on your ring momentarily as you feel confused, but the clit hand increases its fever and your hips respond with rocking and your ring is once more in contact with your moist finger.

You leave it there and try to keep a pressure going front and back. This is dirty, and you feel like a dirty dirty woman but it is arousing you more and more just the thought of what you are actually doing. Touching your own arsehole sexually. You moan and feel the tide building, you are sweating now and feel the moisture around your hands, a mixture of sweat and juices, you have stopped thinking.

Your body is just doing and as you let the pleasure of release wash over you. Gasping, you rub more, your body shaking, pausing, shaking, pausing as the waves of orgasm flow into your limbs. Your clit hand can feel the rhythmical pulsing of your pussy, you realise you have a finger still pressing onto your arsehole and not penetrating it once. Laying still you bask in the post orgasm glow you’ve earnt, hands caressing your naked thighs and wondering why you left the dress on.