A New LIfe with Angelique


My name is Kevin. I’ve known Angelique for almost 30 years, first meeting her at work. I was newly married, Angelique was a new-hire. We worked in different departments, and didn’t know each other that well. She met my wife, Lynn, and they became close friends.

Angelique got married to Doug, and my wife and I became good friends with them. They had two boys. As I got to know Angelique more, I liked her increasingly, becoming both a close friend, and sexually attracted to her.

Angelique is a “girl next door”. Kind of like comparing, on Gilligan’s Island, Mary Ann to Ginger. Ginger was the siren, the sex symbol. Mary Ann was beautiful, but in a wholesome, conservative way. I always found Mary Ann to be the more attractive of the two.

Angelique is blonde, blue eyes, about a C cup. Very, very cute. Very, very kind. Very, very loving and caring.

Angelique goes by “Angel” – “a lot less cumbersome than Angelique”, according to her. I found myself falling in love with her, even though I loved my wife. I never made any advances toward her, hid my feelings, but cherished the friendship we built.

My wife, Lynn, was never in the best of health. Around 2006, Lynn was rushed to the hospital, weak. We found out her kidneys were failing.

Lynn managed kidney disease, with diet and medication, for ten years. In that time, she was evaluated for a transplant, but her health wouldn’t allow for it. In late 2016, the nephrologist told her she would need dialysis. In early 2017, she began dialysis. We learned that, in her condition, dialysis would work for no more than two years.

She didn’t have that much time. In July 2018, just a week past our 28th anniversary, Lynn died. I was devastated. We’d never had children, as her health didn’t allow. Our friendship seemed to evaporate, as our friends became less interested in socializing with us because Lynn’s disease made her too weak to go out. So, Angel and Doug were two of the very few close friends I had.

They were very good to me. They consoled me, remained close friends, and helped me to… accept, for lack of a better term, what had happened.

Tragedy struck in May 2019. Doug was on a business trip in Brazil, taking a helicopter from Brasilia to a smaller town, when the helicopter crashed, killing Dog. Angel was devastated.

Angel has a large network of friends, and those friends helped her immensely. She and I, though, had grown very close over the years, and she turned to me more and more for support. I also became the father figure for her two boys, now in High School and Middle School.

July came, and the first anniversary of Lynn’s death arrived. Just two months after Doug was lost, Angel was still in mourning, but she came to me, supporting me, and comforting me. I comforted her. If anything positive came out of our loosing Lynn and Doug, it was our becoming very close to each other.

We spend more and more time together, with each other, and with the boys. In the Autumn altıparmak escort the four of us went to New England for leaf change, and the four of us bonded. We were, in my mind, becoming a family.

We spent Thanksgiving together, very much as a family. Christmas was just around the corner, and it would be Angel’s first Christmas without Doug, my second without Lynn. I knew how painful this would be for Angel, having gone through it a year earlier.

Doug had a life insurance policy through his firm (he was in commercial real estate), and another insurance policy he took out. They were financially very secure, and with the insurance policies, and his investments, Angel didn’t have to work, which was a double edge sword. She had time to dedicate to her boys, but too much free time to think about what she’d lost.

I worked for a city government, and made substantially less than had Doug. Lynn’s health had put us in dire financial straits. My credit was gone, had no credit cards, and barely made it month to month. I sold the house after Lynn’s death, and lived in a small apartment.

About a week before Christmas, Angel and I were at local coffee shop, sharing coffee and conversation.

“Kevin, you’ve been a very good friend. You’ve helped so much since Doug died”.

“Angel, so have you. You, Doug and the boys, saved me. I was very depressed when Lynn died, and you literally saved my life”.

“Saved your life? What are you saying?”

“I was close to suicide”.

Angel gave me a big hug, and held me. I held her.

“Kevin, I can’t imagine losing you. You’ve become so important to me. And to the boys. They consider you their father now”.

“I know. I never thought I’d have children.”

Angel smiled. “I didn’t think I’d look forward to Christmas this year, but with you in my life, I’m actually excited about it. I do miss Doug, but you’ve joined my family. We are all family”.

I began to cry. Angel embraced me again.

“I love you, Kevin”

“I love you, Angel”.

We sat and talked about an hour more, before Angel went home to be with her boys. I went home, and considered how my life had changed in the past year. Sad over loosing Lynn, yes, but excited about the new possibilities available to me with Angel, and her boys.

The weekend arrived. I got a call from Angel.

“Hi, Kevin. The boys were just picked up by Doug’s parents. They’re going to spend the weekend with them. I thought we could spend the weekend together”.

“Great!” I exclaimed.

“I’ll pick you up Saturday morning. Early. And pack a bag. You’re not spending the weekend alone in that apartment”.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise”.

Saturday came, and Angelique picked me up in her Mercedes. A lot more comfortable than my 12 year old clunker.

“This weekend is my treat. You’re money’s no good.”

“What money?”. We both laughed.

She drove to the airport. We bursa rus escort bayan boarded a plane for New York City. A couple hours later, we took a cab from LaGuardia to Manhattan, to the Plaza hotel. It wasn’t check in time, so the desk held our bags.

“You don’t spare any expenses”.

“We are worth it. We are going to have a fabulous time.

We took a cab to Union Square, then walked to Gotham Bar & Grill for lunch. We enjoyed lunch, then enjoyed walking to Washington Square park. This was my first visit to New York, Angel’s fourth, so she knew the city pretty well. Angel impressed me by taking me, via subway, north to Times Square. We did some shopping.

That night we went to see Phantom of the Opera at the Gershwin theater. We had a late dinner at Le Bernadin.

We returned to the hotel. At the desk, Angel handled the rooms.

Make that room.

“Angel, one room?”

“Yes, Kevin. One room. It is Christmas time in New York. What could be more romantic?”

I was flabbergasted.

We went up to the room. It was a huge suite, overlooking Central Park. Champagne and Strawberries awaited us.

“Now I defer to you. Champagne, please.”

I poured two glasses of Champagne, and toasted – us.

We sat on the sofa together.

“I had a wonderful day”, Angel said, with a smile, as she sprawled on the sofa.

“So did I. What a magnificent city”.

“You haven’t seen anything yet. We have only tomorrow, but I will show you the highlights. We will come back”.

“One room. This was a surprise”.

“Kevin, I love you. I want to be with you. Call this seduction, call this what you want, but I want to be with you. You’ve been terrific for the boys. They love you. We are a family.”

It hit me. Yes, were a family. I’d loved Angel for years.

“Do you love me, in….”

“As a lover. Yes, very much. You’ve been in love with me for years.”

I was stunned. “You knew?”

“I’ve known for years. I’ve known you’ve loved me for a very long time. And, you were a gentleman. And, you were faithful to Lynn. That means a lot. You never made a move on me. You treated me as a good friend. Many men would just cheat on their wife. You didn’t. You stayed by her side, through her terrible disease. You sacrificed. You loved her. That is extremely sexy.”

“Now, we are together. And it is OK for you to show me how you love me. And, for me to show you how I love you”.

With that, Lynn put her wine flute down, and took my hand.

“Let’s go to bed”.

She led me to the bedroom. Lynn began to undress. I undressed. For the first time, I saw Lynn’s beautiful body.

Lynn smiled. “It’s time”.

We got into bed. We embraced, and kissed. We caressed each other. We took our time. I was lustful for her, but didn’t want to cheapen the moment. I wanted it to be beautiful.

We didn’t have sex that night. Our naked bodies were next to each bursa üniversiteli escort bayan other, warming each other, exciting us, but we embraced. We made love, without having sex. We became one.

The next morning, we ordered room service.

“I don’t want to waste the day”, I said.

Angel; “We might not see that much of New York this trip. I want us to become one. I want us to become closer. I want to join with you.” Our flight back home was Monday morning.

After breakfast, we showered together.

We took a cab to the World Trade Center site. It was sobering.

After that, we went to Rockefeller center for lunch. After lunch, we went to the observation deck.

“This is a lot easier than Empire State.”, Angel stated. “Everyone goes there. From here, we can see Empire State, Chrysler and the new World Trade Center tower.”

It was mid-afternoon.

“Let’s go back to the hotel”.

We arrived. Angel began to undress as soon as the door to the room closed. I followed.

She led me to the bedroom.

In bed, we kissed and embraced. Angel pushed back the covers, and sat up.

She took my cock and balls in her hands and began to massage me. I became very aroused.

When I got hard, Angel mounted me. She did the hard work, and rode me hard. She was sweating, moaning. I took her breasts in my mouth, sucking her nipples on one breast, caressing the other.

Angel climaxed hard. I did not. I held back so she could enjoy herself.

“You didn’t cum?”

“I wanted you to cum, and enjoy yourself”.

“I love you”, she said.

She laid down, we embraced, kissed, and held each other.

An hour passed. We were getting hungry. We showered, dressed, and went to dinner. Angel had made reservations at La Grenouille, a long time New York favorite for French Food.

After dinner, we took a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. It was cold, so we huddled close together, kissing.

We went back to the hotel. Back in the room, we went to the bedroom.

“Undress. I’m going to take care of you”.

I complied. Angel undressed. She instructed me to lay back on the bed.

Angel took my cock in her hands, and began to massage me. I immediately became erect.

Angel then took her cock in her mouth, and began to eat me. She deep throated me, bringing me close to climax.

Angel then laid next to me. “Make love to me”.

I mounted her. I began thrusting my engorged cock into her wet, pink pussy. I could feel her constricting around me. It was exquisite.

I climaxed, filling her with my semen. Angel smiled, and kissed me.

We slept, naked, embracing each other. The next morning, we shared a bubble bath. Angel pushed me back to lay down in the tub. She took my manhood in her hands, and began to massage me. I became extremely aroused. I sat up to suck her breasts. She pushed me back once again.

“I want you to cum”.

She continued massaging me. Then, I felt Angel put her finger in my anus. She found my prostate, and stimulated it, while jacking me off with her other hand. I came – hard.

We kissed passionately for what seemed forever. Afterwards, Angel dressed me.

We flew home to begin our new life together.