A Mother’s Mistake…..Maybe!


This all began two years ago at my home when I was alone and in our pool. This story continues to this day and I will try to keep you updated if your interested. Note: I have published this story at other sites also so please do not copy and repost anywhere without my permission. Thank you!

My name is Jill, 45 and I’m a married bifemale with three grown children ages 25 (son) 23 (son) and 20 (daughter). I really don’t know where to start this or how to explain what happen too me last month but I think I need to tell someone just so I can get it off my chest I guess. I grew up on a farm with 4 brothers and three sisters in a home that I’d say was somewhat strict when it came to the subject of dating and sexual things. When we raised our children we tried not to be that way and nudity and seeing other family members nude was just normal for us. My husband and I didn’t run around naked all the time but we didn’t try to hide our bodies from the kids or raise them to hide from us or each other as they grew older. Well with that said I hope you’ll understand my story better.

The kids are gone now and my husband and I live our own lives now on our small place in the country. We have enough land that we, but mostly me, go outside nude or semi nude most of the summer months. Well last month I was home alone and started out just sun bathing on the deck than jumped in the pool to float around for awhile to get more sun. I don’t know if I fell asleep or what but I never heard my son’s truck coming up the drive to the house.

I don’t know how long my son, I’ll call him Mark here, was by the pool watching me but when he said, “you look so comfortable and sexy mom “, I about jumped off the float mattress in the pool. I asked him how long he had been there watching me and he just said long enough. He said he wasn’t doing anything so he thought he stop in to see us both. I told him his dad had gone fishing that morning with friends and probably wouldn’t be back till late that afternoon or evening, but he was welcome to stay and visit with me. Now just so you all know, I’m in the pool topless with only my string bikini bottom on that really doesn’t cover much. At this time I was semicovered because I was on my stomach but Mark was still getting a pretty good view of the one side of me, my ass and pussy.

We carried on with some small talk for awhile about what we both had been doing lately, just the normal mom/son stuff. While we talked Mark was sitting down on the edge of the deck with his feet hanging into the pool trying to cool off I guess from the heat but with a weird look on his face I thought. He was wearing a pair of nicer dress shorts when he arrived and at first I thought it was just my imagination or the angle I was seeing from floating in front of him, but I could swear he had a hardon poking up from his shorts. I suggested he get şişli escort in the pool but he said the chemicals in the pool would ruin his shorts and added with a smile and that cute little laugh of his that it might not be such a good idea right at the moment. Well me being the mother I am, I had too question him why.

Not too my surprise because I know how he’s like his father and they say what their thinking, he said he was aroused some by seeing me almost naked and that he did indeed have a huge boner and had hoped I hadn’t noticed. Well all I could do was fake a little laugh for him because really the thought that the sight of me, his mother had given him an erection kind of made me feel sexy and sort of dirty at the same time. What the hell was I thinking? Here was my 23 year old son who I of course think is good looking, sitting not three feet, at almost eye level from me on the edge of the pool, with a rock hard cock that I had caused.

To try and put him at some ease I just said “don’t worry sweetie, I’ve seen your penis many times when you was growning up and there’s nothing that will surprise me or for you to be ashamed about so you can get up and get in the pool if you want”.

Relaxed I guess by that, he stood and asked if it was OK if he removed his shorts so they wouldn’t get ruined. I told him sure as if it wouldn’t bother me at all. Well this is where I’m afraid I lost all my morals as a mother or it just brought out the slutty side in me as some things do. Mark stood and with a little trouble clearing that buldge in his shorts, dropped his shorts too the deck. Well there above me stood my son with a cock as hard as could be, just as thick and as big, if not bigger than his father’s I thought, and looking just plan hot as hell. Without trying to look but not able to stop myself, all I could do was comment that he had grown into a very good looking and well built man. Damn he was so hot looking and the site of his hard cock just sent chills through my body. Again, what the hell was I thinking, I’m his mother?

Mark got in the pool with me and spent most of the first 15 minutes or so trying to keep some distance between us and not get himself in a position where he had a view of my behind, remember all I had on was the bottoms of my tiny string bikini. He stayed away from me up until I finally asked him if I looked like I was getting sunburned. At that time he came over close and checked my back for me. He said, ” mom you look like your starting to get red so you better put some lotion on or something”. Well now this was a problem, for who I don’t know but that’s when things started to get interesting.

Mark I said, would you please put some lotion on for me dear. I swear I could hear him swallow hard but with a little excitement in his voice he said sure mom. When his hards first touched me as he spread the lotion on my back I thought I was going to die. The chills and the thrill that went through me was something I had never felt before. As he spread the lotion along my waist and hips, that did it. I’m probably the one that sent this whole situation over the line but as good as his hands felt I asked Mark to put some lotion on my legs and butt so they wouldn’t burn too.

At first I didn’t think he was going to do it but after a few seconds of delay I felt the lotion being squirted along both legs and across both my butt cheeks. As before, as soon as his hands touched me that same shock wave went through me as before. The thoughts I was having being this boys mother were crazy but at this moment in time as I lay floating in that pool, he wasn’t my son and I wasn’t his mother, just a man and a very horny older woman who was enjoying a mans hands on her.

Mark worked the lotion into my legs and across my ass at first very quickly but than to my surprise he squirt somemore on my inner thighs and across my ass again. As his left hand rubbed the lotion onto my ass, his right hand was working the lotion on my thighs and up closer to my now very wet pussy. At first I thought he touched me by mistake but as he moved his right hand up my leg again I know he was touching my semi-exposed pussy that wasn’t even covered by that small sting on purpose.

He continued touching my wet pussy as if by accident several times. To give him a signal and too let him know I liked it I made a couple of well timed moans when he did. After about my fifth moan he asked me if it felt good and did I like what he was doing. My only replay now for him was that it felt wonderful and that he could do any kind of lotion on me anytime he wanted.

Well I guess that was the signal he was waiting for and all he needed to hear. On the next run up my thigh with his hand he keep coming higher and run his finger tips over the lips of my pussy. As wet as I was by now I know he felt it and sure enough he said, “damn mom your sure wet”. He asked “Is this turning you on that much”? Without thinking about my answer I said, “yes Mark it is and you can touch me more if you want baby”. Well again that’s all it took because the next feeling I had was Mark’s left hand pulling the small strip of material and string of my bikini off to the side and a finger of his right hand going deep into my pussy.

His finger felt so good inside me that I almost came right than. As he worked his finger, than a second and a third into me I knew I was seconds away from cumming. Using his thumb he started rubbing my clit as he moved his other three finger around inside me and as if I was hit by lightning, I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life. It seemed like I was cumming for ever. I just shook and spasmed like it was the first orgasm of my life.

When I had finally calmed down Mark just gently withdrew his fingers from me and said how nice it was for him that he could make me feel so good and cum so hard like that. I told him that it was wonderful and yes he had made me feel good but added that I should return the favor since I had made him so uncomfortable since his arrival. With that said, I slid off the float and finally gave him a full frontal view of his now overly horny mom. With a big smile on his face he commented that I looked very sexy, that I had a great body, and that he really liked how nice my tits where. There not big by any means, just 34C’s but still firm for my age.

Thinking I’d take advantage of my height of 5′ 5″ for once I told him to get up and sit on the edge of the deck again so I could be at the level I thought would be just right. Once in place I was just slightly above face level with his now again hard cock. With a look of being unsure on his face, I move in between his legs and took his cock in my hands. That surprised but satisfied look came to his face as I looked up at him and took his cock into my wide open and waiting mouth. His cock as I said earlier was very thick just like his dad’s and just as big, which would make it about 8″ long. I know because I’ve measured his father’s before and he has a 8 to 8 1/2″ cock. Pausing just for a second I told him that he sure grew into a very big man. Well I did my best to get as much of his hard cock as I could into my mouth and work him the best I knew how. I’ve sucked a lot of cocks in my days but this had to be the most exciting for me to date. I licked the head, up and down the shaft and even sucked and licked his balls off and on, but from the sounds coming from Mark I knew I was doing a good job and it wouldn’t be long before he’d be giving me my reward. I had as much of Mark’s cock in my mouth as I could get, trying to take all of him deep but as I was trying to get those last inches in, he fell back on the deck and yelled, “mom I’m cumming, I’m cumming mom”.

Well that was it. Time to show my son what mommy could do. As I felt his cock start too spasm I forced the rest of his cock into my mouth and tried to use the musles inside to milk all his cum from his body, and I wasn’t disappointed. Spasm after spasm Mark shot his hot cum into me and as hard as it was I didn’t gag once. I let him fill my mouth with every last drop and when he had shot that last bit of his load, I gently slid his cock just to the edge of my lips and went down on him again to make sure he was finished. Let me tell you, he has some of the sweetest tasing cum I’ve ever had so far.

Mark just lay there on the deck as I got out of the pool and went over next to him. Looking down at him with his eyes closed but with that cute smile on his face, I said, “sweetie why don’t you come on into the house, we’ll get something cold to drink and see what else you can help your mom with today, OK!”