A Model Apprentice

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Sophia and her husband Blake lay there in a loving spoon, nestled together in a warm embrace, savouring their post-coital bliss and the morning summer sunlight cast upon their skin. The crisp white bedsheets tousled from their passionate lovemaking, the remnants of Blake’s sticky seed still oozing from Sophia’s labial lips and the neatly-trimmed pubic hair that framed them, her fleshy thighs were still wet from her own feminine discharge.Beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows of their second-story bedroom, they could hear the waves of the Pacific rolling into the white sandy shore below and beyond.Despite having been married for more than two decades, their love for each other remained strong and deep; their sex life still spicy and imaginative. She adored him, truly.Laying behind her, Blake slowly drew his hand along the arc of her narrow waist, up over her wide matronly hips, before tenderly sweeping her long dark hair behind her ear; kissing the nape of her slender neck. She felt particularly whimsical and frisky that beautiful, idyllic morning.”Tell me a fantasy of yours that you’ve never dared reveal to me,” she whispered.After a prolonged pause, Blake spoke. “Some… male fantasies… should remain unspoken,” he said. She could hear the somewhat bashful smirk in his voice.She persisted, gently squeezing his hand with her own. “Please. Tell me.”Blake continued to evade the topic but still she persisted, sensing his reluctance. “I want you to tell me,” she said. “You can tell me anything. I’m your wife, darling. They’re fantasies.”Finally, after a great more coaxing, Blake relented.”I’ve always wanted to watch you… “, he said quietly.”Watch me?” she replied.”With another man,” he added, again somewhat sheepishly. Sophia felt her face and throat go a little flush with the sincerity of his disclosure. She’d never suspected her husband to have entertained fantasies of sharing her. It took her aback. Still, she drew his hand, nestled between her large, firm breasts, to her lips and kissed it.”A stranger? Someone we know?” she asked, now curious to unpack the details of her husband’s desire.”I hadn’t thought about that, actually,” Blake answered. “Just a really… “”Really what?” asked Sophia.” … a really well-endowed man,” he replied quietly, adding, “The bigger the better, if you must know.”Sophia blushed in earnest but could sense her husband’s embarrassment. With her back to him in their spooning cuddle, she tenderly kissed his hand yet again.Blake’s secret fantasy was a genuine surprise to her. She had always been more than happy with the size of her husband’s sex.  indeed, it was slightly larger than those of the boyfriends she’d had before marriage. Not ‘big’, but quite a lovely size that never failed to touch her in places that gave her great pleasure. The idea of something bigger, or even much bigger, had never crossed her mind. Ironically, when they occasionally watched porn together as a prelude to lovemaking, she always felt sympathy for the actresses who had to endure some horse-hung co-star between their legs. Still, for a brief moment, she imagined herself being taken by a truly formidable cock, before a wifely sense of decorum swept the image from her mind.Now both in their early fifties, and after decades of marriage, articulating their respective fantasies was a marital turn on in and of itself — typically, an intellectual exercise that enhanced the sex that followed. As they got on with their day, Sophia soon forgot about the substance of their morning confessional.—Blake had been a professional photographer since before he and Sophia were married. In that time, he had established himself as a true talent of the medium. Starting out as a glamour and fashion photographer in the print era, he had spent years moving up to more and more prestigious clients, eventually including a disparate array of publications from Elle and Vogue to Playboy and Penthouse, even Playgirl, until the online age and a desire to slow down and travel more with Sophia inspired him to open his own studio — eventually finding a home for it in an expansive fully-detached guesthouse at the back of their oceanfront property. It was a steep step down from fashion shoots in Paris and Milan and centerfold nudes in Beverly Hills to humble corporate work, portraiture and glamour work, and the occasional artistic spread.That said, he still enjoyed the work; even more the newfound freedom and largely stress-free lifestyle that came with it. It was actually during one of his earliest shoots, for a pin-up calendar featuring bikini-clad models, that he met his future wife. Back then, Sophia took the odd modelling job to earn extra money. Blessed with a slim hourglass figure, and very large natural breasts, she had always been pushed towards ‘glamour’ and swimsuit work. Too modest as a young woman to pose nude, her career in front of the camera had never been more than a part-time endeavour. More than twenty years ago, when she became the mother to two children, she had given up modelling altogether.Now empty-nesters, Sophia was content to be her husband’s assistant in the studio, as well as booking clients. Despite initially knowing nothing of the business from the other side, she eventually became competent in her supporting role, both technically and administratively. Blake appreciated her eye and sense of artistry, and when it came to glamour shoots, and both female and male nudes, her sense of understated, tasteful eroticism was often just as sharp as his own. For that reason, he encouraged her and gave her free reign with a camera of her own to experiment.At fifty-four years of age, Blake was still a handsome man, and Sophia found him ineffably sexy. His mature, angular face and jawline, salt-and-pepper hair, and soft blue eyes never failed to bring a smile of adoration to her face. Only two years his junior, Sophia was similarly well-preserved.  Despite her years, her tummy and waist were still relatively flat and narrow respectively, and notwithstanding their size and weight, her large breasts had maintained their buoyancy and firmness. Fleshier and noticeably wider, and showing traces of nascent cellulite, her behind was now more profoundly curvy in middle age; her thighs thicker but still shapely. The beylikdüzü escort prettiness of her bright-eyed youth had given way to a more profound attractiveness as age lines began to appear around her warm, green eyes. Her full, sensuous lips — a gift of inheritance from her Italian mother — complimented a face of pleasing symmetry. She carried herself always with a subtle elegance.Recently, with an eye towards the day when he might hang up his camera altogether and sell his business to a worthy successor, Blake’s plan for slowing down had included something akin to a succession plan when he took on an apprentice.Noah, still just nineteen, had become part of their professional ‘family’ several months back. Starting as an unpaid intern from a local art college, he had impressed Blake with his dedication and genuine talent. A year younger than Blake and Sophia’s own son, Blake had taken the young man under his wing as both mentor and father figure. The relationship between the three of them was made all the more seamless given Noah’s polite, well-mannered, and respectful demeanour. Both Blake and Sophia found him to be a genuinely lovely and charming young man; someone who was a pleasure to be around, and Noah had spent more and more time in the couple’s company. But though Noah’s personality was somewhat innocent and naïve, his emerging talent as a photographer was real.So, it must be said, was his apparent but unspoken crush on Sophia — something both Blake and Sophia found endearing and sweet. It must also be said that the young man, despite being a little shy, was conspicuously good looking — slim and always fashionably-dressed, his kind, dimpled smile, short-cropped black hair, and sensitive brown eyes made young ladies his age (and more than a few older ones) take notice.The reality of the young man’s boyish crush on Sophia made the events of the previous week all the more noteworthy. As part of Noah’s introduction to the art of the female glamour shoot, Blake had, after much encouragement and pleading, got his wife to agree to ‘volunteer’ as the subject of a lingerie pictorial.Indeed, given her age and relative modesty, Sophia had initially been quite reluctant to pose in risqué attire in front of young Noah. Blake, at his charming and flattering best, had convinced his wife that it would be a delicious bit of fun, and Noah’s blushing reaction to the plan — which inspired a motherly, knowing smile from Sophia — was enough to get her to agree to go through with it.—The next sunny summer’s day, Blake and Noah had set up the main studio space, which afforded a huge amount of natural light from two sides and two skylights overhead, with an austere, all-white backdrop; softened with hardwood floors, a white shag area rug, and a bold, aubergine-coloured sofa. Two tall black metal candle holders with narrow white candles were placed strategically as accents. The effect was that the bold colour of the sofa ‘popped’ in contrast to the neutral backdrop, as would Sophia’s blue outfit. She was to begin in a blouse, tailored women’s business suit of matching jacket and skirt, and open-toed heels, before slowly disrobing down to cornflower blue bra, panties, and banded and garter-less thigh high stockings.After dressing and applying the finishing touches to her lipstick and make-up, Sophia stood before the floor-length mirror in the studio’s dressing room. Her final self-appraisal was far more critical than that of the collective male gaze she would soon be posing for. Indeed, she was the proverbial MILF fantasy — shapely legs, wide matronly hips, narrow waist, and a cantilevered bust line that had always been both a blessing and a curse for her. Though they looked sensational (albeit formidable) in a supportive bikini top, she had spent a lifetime lamenting the fact that her chest size made pretty dresses and feminine tops in her size relatively impossible to come by. Already requiring a size 30DD bra by her senior year in high school, her breasts had continued to grow into her late forties, and now required size 32JJ bras from specialty boutiques.Blake, standing behind a short tripod in front of the sofa, smiled at Sophia as she emerged from the dressing room in her ‘sexy corporate executive’ outfit; her long hair pinned up and wearing black-framed glasses. Initially a bit unsteady on her new heels, she hadn’t noticed Noah trying rather obviously not to look directly at her — instead busying himself with everything he could think of to avoid focusing on Sophia, who looked so conspicuously provocative.With Noah positioning and re-positioning the lighting arcs according to Blake’s instructions, Sophia began assuming straightforward ‘scene setting’ poses under her husband’s direction from behind his viewfinder. Despite the many years that had passed since her last modelling assignment, Sophia fell into the role again quickly and naturally. She took to her naughty executive role with flare and fun, often giggling between shots. With her hair still pinned up, and still wearing her studious glasses, Blake playfully encouraged his wife to continue having fun with it.”Sweetheart, can you unbutton your blouse a bit?” he asked. Sophia dutifully complied, exposing three or four inches of lovely tanned cleavage thanks to her well-tested push-up brassiere. Catching Noah quietly admiring the view, she gave him a playful wink, making him blush anew. Blake continued with a few carefully planned shots that, with her short skirt slightly hiked, provided glimpses of the top bands of his wife’s silk stockings and her panties beneath. Blake had the natural ease of a seasoned professional, and an ability to make his wife feel sexy and beautiful.Next, off came Sophia’s jacket, then eventually down came her hair, followed by some playful shots of her glasses set at the end of her nose. In staggered progression, off came her heels, skirt, and then finally her blouse; punctuated with breaks where Blake would confer and instruct his young charge on lighting, pose, and composition. Sophia was being a wonderful sport, and her husband was clearly enjoying himself immensely. Noah seemed to be in awe of their subject; often innocently but sincerely commenting on how fantastic Sophia looked.After bahcesehir escort bayan more than an hour, with a soft ocean breeze wafting in through the opened floor-to-ceiling glass doors to cool the late morning air, Sophia sat on the plush velvet sofa in a soft blue embroidered lace bra, matching thong panties, and silk stockings; her thighs parted, her toes slightly pointed; looking into the camera lens with an expression of slightly pouty-lipped sexiness.Blake directed Sophia in several subsequent, progressively erotic poses, before taking a break.”Noah, you’ve got that softcore shoot coming up next month, don’t you?” asked Blake. Noah answered that he did. “But you’ve never done anything quite like that yet, have you?”Sophia shot Blake a knowing, slightly panicky look. But again, Blake was clearly enjoying himself.”Sweetheart, would you be okay with some shots of you in just the silk stockings?”Noah could sense her nervous embarrassment straight away.”It’s okay, Mrs. Sinclair — you don’t have to.  I’ll be fine,” stammered the sensitive young Noah.Perhaps it was the incredibly sweet way Noah defended her modesty — the way it tugged at her motherly affection — or the sense of guilt for being the one to deprive the young man an opportunity to do well at his next paid gig. It may have been her husband’s mischievous smirk. Either way, Sophia took a deep breath and reached back to unfasten her bra, releasing her huge firm breasts; the palm-size pink areolae already slightly puffy and swollen. She could feel her heart beating in her chest as Blake directed her — one stockinged foot on the sofa, knee raised; her bra, with its wide supportive straps, slung over her shoulder.More shots followed, all the while Sophia nervously anticipating what was coming next.”Now darling, I need you to remove your panties and hand them to Noah.”Trying to belie her bashfulness, she calmly slipped off her last real restraint; handing her skimpy panties to the crimson-faced young man.Blake instructed his wife to sit back towards the end of the sofa, then called Noah over to look at some example poses from other sessions on his opened laptop.”I need you to set Sophia up like that,” said Blake, pointing at a photo on the screen.Noah approached her, tentatively.”We both can’t be nervous about this,” said Sophia with a soft smile. “Just move me like you need me.”Noah leaned in and gently took her right wrist, placing it behind her head, careful not to touch her large breast. Then, with a polite apology, he took her right calf and lifted it up and over the arm of the sofa; widely parting her thighs and exposing her little thatch of black pubic hair.”You look amazing,” the young man whispered sweetly, eliciting a smile from Sophia.The shots and poses became increasingly provocative. Finally, Blake handed the camera to Noah, coaching from behind the scenes while encouraging his young accomplice to overcome his nervousness and natural politeness. The shot, he kept repeating to his student, was everything.As instructed, Noah became more forward and seemed to be intensely focused on the shots. Ironically, this had the effect of relaxing Sophia, easing her inhibitions. She had to suppress a proud and motherly smile at the way the young man began to exude a serious professionalism. But that had its limits, and Sophia sensed Noah was holding back again.”Don’t be embarrassed, sweetie,” she said. “Tell me what you want.””Can… Can I shoot you on your hands and knees, with you looking back at me?” he asked with the same hitherto shyness.”Of course, luv” she answered, turning over on her knees, leaning her forearms against the back of the sofa.”Um, can you rest your forearms on the sofa itself, so that your… behind… is higher, and I have a better angle of your… ?” he asked, his voice trailing off. Sophia did as he asked her, providing the young man with a close-up, unobstructed view of her labial lips from behind. Though she didn’t show it, at that moment, she had to admit she felt rather embarrassed — she, a woman likely older that Noah’s mother, with her pussy fully exposed to the young man’s gaze.The session ended shortly thereafter, and Sophia wrapped herself in the oversized terry-cloth robe her husband handed her. Despite her initial objections, she had to admit that she felt a lingering buzz of excitement afterwards — the thrill of being photographed in the nude; at age fifty-two, being scrutinized as a sex object by her husband and young protégé.—A few days later, Blake and Sophia entertained several friends for dinner and drinks on their spacious back patio next to the pool. They invited Noah to join them. It was a gorgeous, warm evening; the sky at dusk combining hues of blue and pink and purple. After dinner, with the wine flowing freely, tables were cleared to make way for an impromptu dance floor. Noah turned out to be a very adept dancer, and soon became the centre point for a number of appreciative older women, all grateful for such a willing and able male dance partner. Sophia’s friend Holly seemed especially taken with young Noah. A lawyer in her late forties, Holly was a beautiful, petite blond, with dazzling eyes, an overheated sex drive, and what Sophia determined to be the sexiest and most shapely derriere she’d ever seen on a woman.Noah and his posse of women happily danced together — to the soul, funk, and R their warm bodies occasionally pressed together; Noah’s hand on Sophia’s hip. At one point, she looked up into his eyes and smiled a warm, happy smile. Perhaps it was the sangria, but at one particularly poignant moment during a slow dance, Sophia was overcome with the urge to kiss the handsome young man. Better judgment prevailed.The following weekend, after a leisurely late sleep in, Blake and Sophia engaged in an especially passionate and intense lovemaking session. Lounging in their robes and savouring some strong coffee afterwards, Blake opened his laptop and the pair of them looked through Sophia lingerie photos. Though modesty prevented her for saying so, she secretly had to admit that she looked quite sexy.”I have a bit of a surprise for you this afternoon,” said Blake, advancing through the photos. “And what might that be?” inquired Sophia.”If escort bayan beylikdüzü he’s going to work with models, Noah needs to know what it’s like to be one himself. He’s going to pose for me, and I’d like you to be my wing woman. I asked Holly at the party if she’d like to help us out as well. She seemed keen to assist.”Sophia was a bit shocked but found the idea rather exciting, and happily agreed; thankful it wouldn’t be her in front of the camera this time around. Though, with the two of them, she couldn’t imagine what Holly would be needed for. She suspected her husband was merely indulging her friend with an opportunity to fix her sex-deprived feminine gaze upon the handsome young man she was so taken with, and without his shirt on.—After a quick swim, Sophia and Holly both changed into yoga pants and tight tops. When the two of them made their way over to the studio later that afternoon, Blake had left the set-up largely the same as for her photo shoot; the only additions being a large bouquet of long-stemmed roses and a small round glass bar trolley, complete with scotch and glass decanters and ice bucket, next to the sofa.Noah emerged from the dressing room, wearing an elegant black tuxedo, crisp white shirt, narrow bow tie, and patent leather shoes, looking like a deliciously young James Bond.”Well, what do you think?” he asked the pair of older women with a smile. In truth, Sophia was a little taken aback at how incredibly handsome he looked — tanned, broad-shouldered, with his black hair benefitting from a little product.”You look absolutely smashing,” answered Holly, without a hint of exaggeration in her voice.Blake began with a series of standing shots — Sophia moving and tilting lighting arcs as required — before having Noah sit on the sofa holding a champagne saucer full of what was really just ginger ale. With Blake directing him, as he had Sophia the week before, Noah slowly began shedding items of clothing — first untying his bow tie, then unbuttoning his shirt (to reveal a sculpted, tanned, and hairless chest beneath), then removing shoes and socks, before finally tossing his cummerbund aside and undoing the clasp of his black dress pants.Sophia began to feel jittery pangs of excitement as the shedding of clothing continued unabated (Holly was clearly enjoying the show). She hadn’t anticipated nudity, but in no time, Noah was left holding a single rose stem, wearing nothing but his unzipped pants. Sophia could just make out a small cropped patch of black pubic hair inside his pants. Less concerned about being caught looking, Holly had noticed something else — a tightly compacted bulge testing the crotch of Noah’s dress pants; one that looked extremely large.”Is Noah going to be in the nude?” Sophia asked her husband as unaffectedly as possible. Holly looked over at her, a bit wide-eyed, biting her lower lip to suppress a cheeky grin.”Of course,” smiled Blake. Sophia suddenly felt like a nervous school girl; simultaneously wanting to see but feeling guilty about wanting to see.Blake had Noah stand, then instructed Holly and his wife to strategically scatter Noah’s discarded articles of clothing about the set — across the sofa, the white shag area rug. Sophia swallowed hard when, kneeling just next to their gorgeous young subject, Blake asked a bashful-looking Noah to remove his pants. She instinctively reached out with a somewhat trembling hand to hold the rose for him. The young man dutifully eased his pants over his behind, letting them drop to the carpet.Trying desperately not to stare at the flaccid sex hanging heavily between Noah’s thighs, at that moment, Sophia felt so light-headed she thought she might faint.”Oh my god, sweetie,” gasped Holly, as she stared at the young man; one hand cupping her mouth in disbelief.”It’s rather large, isn’t it?” observed Blake wryly.Indeed, the size of Noah’s dormant penis was truly enough to take a woman’s (or any man’s, for that matter) breath away. Conspicuous in both size and splendour, and already as thick as a woman’s forearm, the fat fleshy shaft extended downward some nine or more inches, completed by a pink, pleasantly articulated and circumcised head.From her kneeling positon, Sophia looked at Noah’s huge organ, then up at his now blushing face.”I’m sorry, luv, I’ve never seen one anywhere that big before,” she observed with genuine candour and awe.”It’s okay, Mrs. Sinclair,” he replied without ego or arrogance. “I guess it is pretty big. It shocks people.”Blake had Noah sit in the centre of the sofa and look straight into the camera lens; thighs parted; his strong arms behind his head; his huge soft shaft resting heavily on the aubergine velvet.”Sophia, can you fix his hair?” asked Blake.Sophia knelt next to Noah, softly brushing his black locks into place with a manicured hand.”My turn, sweetheart,” she said quietly. “You look SO sexy.” Noah beamed at her, innocent and adoring.After three or four more poses and continued looks of thrilled disbelief from the two admiring women, Blake declared the session finished.Sitting around afterwards, the four of them enjoying a little wine together outside near the pool, Noah still in his robe, Holly initiated a naughty round of Q & A with the young man, feigning objective curiosity. First establishing that he had learned the hard way (pun not intended) not to wear a brief-style swimsuit at the beach, Holly pressed on with a straight-faced but mischievous line of inquiry.”Does it get bigger when you’re aroused, sweetie?” she asked. Noah replied that it did.”My goodness,” gushed Sophia. Blake smiled, affectionately squeezing her neck.”Do you mind if I ask you how big it gets?” asked Holly.Noah’s cheeks blushed in earnest. “Eleven and a half inches long and, I think, about eight inches around,” he answered, avoiding eye contact.”My god, that’s enormous!” Sophia gasped.”Do girls get scared? When you want to make love to them, I mean?” continued Holly.Noah nodded a little woefully. “They say it really hurts.””Poor lamb,” said Holly, placing a hand sympathetically on Noah’s knee. “You might be a better match with an older woman. Older women know their bodies a lot better and find a large penis an exciting challenge. Once an older woman is really warmed up and wet, a really big one stretches their vagina canal and makes them feel a bit like a young virgin again.  Bit of a cocktail of pleasure and pain that really gets the endorphins going”—A week passed after Noah’s ‘unveiling’. Holly and Sophia spoke on the phone one evening, for a bit of a private woman-to-woman chat.