A Couple’s Play Day Part 4 – Evolution_(2)


This is Part 4 in the story of A Couple’s Play Day. Reader comments, opinions and feedback are welcome and appreciated.

A note about the story…I had a pretty clear vision for the initial chapter when I began writing. I found beginning with Part 2 that the character of Joanne began leaving the page at times and giving direction to the storyline. Since, she has taken me in directions and along paths I had not envisioned. Her influence has become stronger as the story unfolded. So, if you enjoy the story you can thank Joanne, if it’s not your cup of tea blame the writer for being so weak as to allow Joanne to take over the keyboard. I’m hoping she will tell me how the story ends.



A Couple’s Play Day Part 4 – Evolution

After returning from the amusement park, Joanne tucked both kids into bed, and read a story to the youngest. She went to the kitchen and poured a large glass of wine and thought through her strategy for approaching Rick about her spending the night alone with their new next door acquaintance with which they had shared their bed the previous night. She walked out on the deck to where Rick sat with a drink and sat down on his lap. They talked a little about their time out with the kids and eventually the topic came around to the unplanned threesome they had permitted to occur. It was their first threesome although they had frequently fantasized about sharing their bed or about Joanne being with another man.

“Are you honest with me when you sometimes suggest I should have sex alone with another man?” Joanne pressed.

“Well, there are times when thinking of you being pleasured by someone else really arouses me” Rick replied. “I’m not sure how I would actually feel, but I certainly wouldn’t hold it against you or us if it were to occur.”

“What if I said that I’d like to spend the night with Larry alone tonight?” Joanne ask.

“Tonight, really, here, are you sure?” Rick replied somewhat surprised.

“Yes tonight. We allowed something new to occur last night that we both seemed to enjoy and I’d like to try being with a man on my own just to have the experience. You know I love you and I won’t bring it up again if you object.” Joanne answered.

Rick gave no immediate response.

They sat there in tense silence for several seconds and then Joanne felt that familiar hardening between Rick’s legs and pressing against her ass. She moved quickly to take advantage of Rick’s budding erection. She got off his lap and ran her hand up the leg of his shorts to grasp and fondle his firm cock, looked into his eyes and said. “You do want me to be used by another man. You get turned on every time the subject comes up. I know you love me but I can tell how hot the idea of sharing me makes you. You want to see me go to Larry and for him to use his large cock and hands on me and make me cum while you think about how your wife is being fucked don’t you?”

Rick’s cock continued to swell as she held it but he maintained his silence. “You’ve got to say it!” Joanne demanded. “Yes you do or no you don’t”.

“Yes” Rick said.

“Yes what?” Joanne again insisted.

“Yes, I want you to fuck another man!” Rick finally openly admitted.

. “Joanne leaned down giving him a deep kiss, picked up her wine glass and went to freshen up before departing for Larry’s house.

Joanne stripped and got into the shower to remove the perspiration and grime of the amusement park taking pains to use the hand held shower head to flush and freshen her vagina and pubic area. After her shower she applied some fresh lightly scented body oil to her skin pulled out a little orange thong to wear then put on her white sundress that Larry had specified she wear. She reattached her jewelry and slipped her wedding rings on before stepping into her orange wedge sandals. She felt quite sexy as she walked back to the deck to tell her husband good-by.

Joanne approached Rick’s chair from behind and leaned around him to place a kiss on his lips. He pulled her to the front and cautioned her not to do anything that she didn’t want to do and to leave immediately if Larry did not treat her nicely. Joanne thought about how demanding Larry could be and at times quite physical. Thus far Joanne had found his sometimes rough domineering approach to be very stimulating.

Joanne stepped back from Larry a pace or two and lifted her short skirt to show her brief little orange thong and then turned presenting her bare ass. “Just think dear husband your little wife is going to present herself to another man tonight and you can think about all the nasty things he is doing to me.” She lowered her skirt and descended the stairs on her way to Larry’s. Rick’s eyes followed her and he rubbed his hard cock as she walked away.

Larry saw the image dressed in white cross from the adjoining property to his yard. He smiled now certain that his plan for the night could be fully initiated. As Joanne opened the screen door to enter, Larry rose to meet her escorting her into the kitchen where he had a chilled bottle of her favorite white wine on ice. He poured a full glass for her.

“Whoa” said Joanne, “I just had one that size before coming over”.

“Its late, you are beautiful and the wine is chilled” Larry replied, “Enjoy the rest of the night.” Joanne took a couple of sips and walked with Larry back to the outside porch. They sat talking as they sipped their drinks.

Larry informed her that the pool repairs had been completed that afternoon and also remarked about how the repairmen had raved about how gorgeous Joanne was… “I think they had way more than pool repairs on their mind when they showed up today” Joanne mused.

“I’m sure our young man who watched you fuck this morning shared his experience with everybody who would listen after he left here” Larry said. “You can’t blame his buddies for hoping you might favor them with a blow job or quick fuck if they came back.”

“Just the same, it was sort of freighting to me” Joanne replied.

Larry topped off Joanne’s wine and excused himself as he went inside. Once out of Joanne’s line of sight he took out his phone and texted a number “Our little party for tonight is officially on. How long before you get here?”

Within two minutes his reply was received “Be there in about 30 minutes.”

Larry walked to the adjoining family room of the beach house, opened the door into the large comfortable room where Ellis was waiting, watching a large wall mounted flat screen TV. “You ready” Larry ask. “Sure, whenever you say,” replied Ellis.

Larry walked around the perimeter of the room checking to see that the three video camera’s he placed earlier were turned on and operating. He wanted to make sure the upcoming events would be well covered. “I’ll have her back here to you in just a few minutes” Larry said as he left the room closing the door behind him.

Larry returned to the porch where Joanne awaited sipping on the tasty wine. “Joanne, come back to the kitchen for a moment I’d like to get a couple more photos of you in that white sundress, it’s just stunning on you.” Joanne walked back inside with Larry and he positioned her near the table and snapped a couple of photos. “Great” said Larry can you give me a couple of sexy poses. Joanne turned her back to him and saucily looked back over her shoulder. She then gave him a profile shot as she hiked her skirt upward toward her hip exposing her attractive bare thigh. “Lift the skirt some more” Larry requested. Joanne obliged by raising her skirt to her waist completely disclosing her little orange thong to the camera. “Turn around and do that again” said Larry. Joanne turned with her skirt raised and her deliciously provocative ass was bared for Larry’s and the camera’s pleasure.

“Great shots” Larry said. He put down the camera took Joanne’s hand and led her toward the family room. Larry opened the door and guided Joanne inside ahead of him. As the door closed behind them Larry said “Joanne, I’d like you to meet Ellis.”

Surprised by another’s presence Joanne turned to see the frightening visage of Ellis. “Ellis works for a club here at the beach in which I am part owner” Larry continued. I ask him to come over tonight and serve as your host for the evening. I’m going to leave you two alone to get acquainted now. I even have a video you can watch while you get to know each other.” Larry picked up the TV remote and light flickered on the screen resolving into the image of Joanne’s video with her masturbating in her car. Joanne was speechless. “What, where, how did you, where did you get this” she stammered.

Larry calmly responded “Now Joanne, you know that this video is available for free on a porn site and I’m sure you know that it has become quite popular. As I recall something like 30,000 viewers have watched it and I’m sure you have seen it before. Ellis has only viewed it once earlier this evening and I’m sure he would appreciate a chance to watch it again with the star of the show here with him.” Larry gave Joanne a kiss on the cheek and left the room.

Joanne now stood before this intimidating black man with her naked image writhing in her car seat being displayed on the large screen as she probed her pussy with a large green cucumber. She felt fearful, goosebumps covered her flesh and her self control was shattered as she watched this imposing 6’ tall sinewy man with full lips, shaved head and most of his visible skin covered in tattoos and sinister symbols that Joanne had only seen in movies and pictures about street gangs and crime. Her reaction was to flee the room and escape back to the safety of her husband and family. She stared at Ellis with her mouth open and speechless as he approached her and placed his calloused strong hand behind her neck. He looked down upon her pale face with no hint of a smile or any kindness and she heard his deep voice say “Mr. Larry being real nice to us and he told me to take good care of you so you sit down with Ellis here on the couch and we watch your little show an enjoy ourselves.”

Joanne felt her legs move unsteadily as Ellis guided her toward the couch with his large hand clasp behind her neck. Ellis seated her on the leather cushions and her skirt rode up her thighs exposing more of her smooth oiled skin. Ellis sat on her left with his hip and thigh pressing against hers. Joanne was vaguely aware of her cries and raspy breathing coming from the TV as her first recorded orgasm played out before them. “Look at all that cum running out of your little slick pussy!” Ellis observed. Joanne didn’t respond still trying to regain some control of herself.

Larry watched the awkward scene playing out from a monitor on the kitchen counter. He had been careful to instruct Ellis to take it slow and gentle with his quarry initially since she would be in for several unexpected shocks as the other men arrived. He knew that the next several minutes would be crucial to the success of his plan tonight and he didn’t want Joanne to totally panic and run away. In order for his plan to work he needed her to acquiesce and be a willing participant. He was counting on her sexual appetite, susceptibility to suggestion and subservient tendencies to make that happen. He knew if Joanne’s sexual engine got running she would be in for the duration.

So far, so good Larry thought. He knew that Ellis was a pretty scary character and he could have picked someone more polished to pair with Joanne but the sharp contrast in image between the sweet, young, middle America Caucasian wife and mother with that of a dangerous brooding black man covered with all the symbols of violence and the forbidden was going to play well with the audience to which Larry hoped to introduce Joanne. Ellis not only looked the part Larry selected him to play he was the poster child for it. At age 17 he had been convicted on two counts of armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon resulting in a 25 year prison sentence. Initially the charges against him also included one count of sexual assault but that charge was dropped before trial. He was now on parole after serving 17 years 8 months of the sentence and had just been released some 7 weeks previously. The men’s club where Larry was part owner had hired Ellis as a bouncer and to do other odd jobs. Larry had found that he had some other skills that could be profitably used and now offered him opportunities to make a little extra on the side. Tonight was one of those opportunities. gaziantep escort

Larry turned his attention back to the monitor and saw that Ellis now had draped his arm over Joanne’s shoulders and was tracing his fingers along her arm. Things seemed to be proceeding nicely, so far. Larry knew that Ellis was really restraining his natural behavior to comply with his instructions to “be gentle” normally he demanded from sexual partners and made sure they delivered. Q

Joanne was still tense and stiff as she sat beside Ellis. Her eyes kept wandering over the somewhat obscene body art displayed on Ellis’s arms, legs and neck. She was very aware of his hand and fingers trailing against her skin and the little sensations her nerve endings emitted. She was torn between the tension caused by her fear and the sexual tension beginning to surface within her. She was aware that Larry had set her up to be used by this intimidating black stranger but her senses had not yet caught up with her very real situation.

Ellis now began rubbing his hand lightly over Joanne’s exposed skin above her breasts. As he played his hand began to slide lower beneath her dress and over her small firm tits. Meeting no resistance from Joanne, Ellis now started kneading her tender breasts and lightly pinching her nipples as he played beneath her sundress. He moved his left hand to her face and placed it high on her throat turning her face toward his and covered her mouth with an open wet kiss. At first Joanne stiffly resisted with her lips tightly closed against the invading lips and tongue. As Ellis persisted now more roughly squeezing her tits and holding her face more tightly in his large hand he felt her began to soften. Her lips parted slightly and he had his tongue inside, He worked over her yielding mouth until it was fully open to him as he licked and sucked on her lips. He pinched a nipple harshly and Joanne released a low moan. Ellis then thought, “Little white bitch gonna put out for some black cock tonight”. Ellis proceeded to unbutton the top of Joanne’s dress opening it to expose both breast as he continued to knead and pinch them.

Joanne’s emotions were still conflicted a she allowed her body to be toyed with by this strange black man. She continued to have feelings of fear and apprehension now mixed with increasing sexual energy and the familiar feelings of arousal. Those intoxicating childhood feelings of doing something “nasty” the overpowering feeling of wanting something that was forbidden, dirty and slutty crawled over her skin whetting her appetite for that which should be denied. The all consuming feeling that led her to masturbate in public while someone she would never know recorded her and subsequently provided her wanton performance to thousands of others so they too could see how very nasty this little girl could be. Joanne allowed herself to slip into her personal realm of unspeakable nasty pleasures.

Ellis finally broke off their kiss. Joanne noticed his large cock head bared below the leg of his shorts. It was enlarging as she watched. Ellis took her hand and placed it over his growing erection. Joanne was amazed at the length of the not yet erect penis. She rubbed it and felt it grow beneath her touch. Ellis got up off the couch turned to face her and removed his shirt to reveal more body art covering his chest and stomach. He then unbuttoned and dropped his shorts to reveal his growing cock. The first thing Joanne noticed was the tattoo of the coiled serpent rising up from his pubic bone at the base of his cock with open mouth and dangerous fangs exposed. It sent a small shiver through her. She cautiously grasp Ellis’s cock noticing that it too was covered with art over most of the skin on the shaft as if it was part of the coiled serpent’s body. Joanne thought Ellis’s dick to be somewhere in the range of 11 inches and she wondered how any woman would accommodate his impressive length.

There was a quick knock on the door and Larry burst into the room saying “The rest of our guests have arrived now so let me quickly introduce everyone. Joanne, startled, jumped from the couch and turned and looked in shock to see two more black men accompanying Larry into the room. Her near hysterical state returned but this time accompanied by her suspended sexual arousal as she stood there with her pouting breasts exposed to the room. Ellis stood naked next to her with his dick standing proudly against his muscled stomach.

Larry introduced the larger and older of the two as Earl, the repair supervisor from that afternoon’s visit and the younger skinny man as Majid. Who was a recent arrival from Somalia and still struggling with the English language. Joanne recognized the two from earlier. “These fellows were able to watch Joanne’s video performance twice this afternoon so we won’t need to start it for them.” The words were like a punch in the stomach to Joanne as the two men chuckled and smiled at Larry’s words. Another reminder of what a nasty little slut she was becoming. The warm sensation occurring in her vagina and the wetness of her tiny thong gave ample evidence to the truth of the matter.

“Gentlemen” continued Larry “Gather around our lady and let’s get a group photo.” Earl and Majid stepped on either side of Joanne, who made no attempt to cover her exposed breasts, while Ellis stood behind her with his complete nakedness hidden by Joanne’s body.
The shutter of Larry’s camera clicked away. Joanne looked a bit like a dear trapped in the headlights of an oncoming car, Earl and Majid grinned from ear to ear and Ellis wore his usual angry scowl.

“Earl, Majid how about losing your clothes so Joanne here can get a good luck at the party favors you brought her tonight” Larry directed. Both quickly shed there jeans and shirts. Now all three men stood naked beside Joanne still wearing the fetching white sundress with most of her bare breasts exposed and her bright lipstick smeared about her mouth and chin from the long probing workout of her mouth by Ellis. Larry was pleased with the contrasting appearances with just the right amount of wrong reflected in Joanne’s disheveled appearance. He snapped more photos as Joanne’s petite figure presented a jarring contrast among the three naked men and their hard ready cocks.

“Ellis, there is a pull out bed under the adjacent couch pillows. I’ll leave you folks on your own now.” Larry left the room and all was silent except for Ellis removing the pillows from the couch and extending the folding bed frame into the room. “Get the clothes off the little bitch” Ellis said to Earl and Majid. Earl moved in front of Joanne and unfastened the final button at her waist which allowed the dress to drop to the floor. Majid standing behind her hooked his fingers in the waist band of her orange thong and slid the fragile little garment down her legs. The small cloth covering her vulva was soaked from her wetness.

“Come here bitch” Ellis said to Joanne. She stepped out of her panty and dress lying around her feet and walked over to Ellis still wearing her high wedge sandals and her jewelry. Ellis scowled down at her as he proceeded to feel between her legs and probe his fingers inside her moist vagina. “Little white cunt all ready” said Ellis.

He pushed down on Joanne’s shoulders as she sat on the foot of the thin mattress. He laid her back with her legs off the end of the bed. “You boys get up there and use her mouth and tits while I eat this white pussy. Ellis directed. Earl crawled up onto the mattress causing it to sway inward with his heavy weight. Majid got on the other side and began touching and rubbing Joanne’s hard nipples. Earls fat cock head prodded against Joanne’s mouth uncertainly until she opened to admit the large smooth dark mushroom of a head. She used her hand to manage him licking up and down his fat shaft and playing with his cock head.

Ellis raised her legs and spread them widely pushing them back toward her to bend at the knee. He then placed both hands at the back of her thighs pushing her legs back toward her chest forcing her ass to rotate upward and exposing her little tight asshole as well as her drenched vagina to his mouth. He began licking and tonguing her from ass to clit. He made long probing strokes with his tongue exploring her soft folds of outer and inner tissue and extending his tongue inside her opening to lick and probe. Joanne found the stimulation of Ellis’s lips and tongue highly arousing and she attempted to force her pubic bone and clit to make more contact with the mouth that teased her but Ellis held her firmly down limiting her ability to thrust her pelvis against his face. He now began to suck her labia majora with his lips clasping the tender wings and then gently biting with his teeth and stretching the thin membrane of skin tightly away from its resting place, nipping at one side then teasing the other with his lips and tongue. Joanne was now losing focus on the dick sliding about her mouth and the lips sucking on her hard nipples as she became lost in the pleasures she was receiving from the fearsome tattooed form working steadily between her splayed legs. Her breathing was now rapid and she could feel her heart beat as she sought to satisfy her desire to orgasm.

Ellis realized she was close and now turned his full attention to her clit which he had been careful not to fully engage until now. He pinched its sheltering hood of skin between his thumb and index finger lifting it away from the little nub of nerve endings it protected. He sucked the tiny organ between his lips and flicked his tongue over the sensitive tip. Joanne began emitting high little cries as he taunted her sensitive trigger. Her urgency to buck her pelvis into Ellis’s face was overpowering. Ellis then sucked her little pleasure button between his teeth and bit down lightly behind the tiny tip and flicked his tongue rapidly over the captive tip as Joanne’s orgasm exploded over her. She thought she would launch herself from the bed her first few spasms were so violent and strong. Ellis continued to hold her down and maintained his contact with her clit as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her. She gasp and cried with tears rolling down her cheeks. As she cried “So good, so good, so good over and over and trying to get away from the wonderful mouth pleasing her and then to make hard contact with it once again, she began to feel somewhat faint just before Ellis removed his mouth and allowed her to collapse into the bed. Earl and Majid both had long since abandoned their plundering of her body to watch her writhe in her orgasm as Ellis pushed her over the edge.

Ellis got up covered in perspiration from his efforts as Joanne’s wetness and cream ebbed from her open vagina between her still spread legs. “Get your dicks in that sloppy pussy and work it” said Ellis to the two other men as he walked to the bath for a towel to wipe away his sweat and then left the room in search of Larry. Joanne was rolled onto her stomach and her ass lifted as Earl shoved his large dick head inside her vagina. Joanne could feel his large belly slapping against her ass as he labored behind her. Majid sat in front of her and pulled her face toward his hard skinny cock.

Ellis walked naked into the kitchen where Larry was casually watching the other two servicing Joanne. “Some job of pussy eating Ellis” Larry said. Ellis walked to the fridge and opened a bottle of water and began downing it. “How are the two boys doing?” Larry questioned Ellis. “They be ok, they a little shy around the white woman, not sure they had white pussy before but they’ll do fine” Ellis responded.

Larry noticed that Ellis lengthy cock remained rock hard as he prowled about the room finishing the bottle of water. He knew Ellis would still be sporting wood at the end of the night. The man had unbelievable stamina and control which combined with his large size made him a valuable commodity in servicing a growing list of wealthy women from a special group of female and male private clients who paid well to have their sexual appetites satisfied.

“Letting these boys fuck some white pussy, get her stretched and slick before we plug her up” Ellis said as they both watched Earl rocking Joanne’s body on the bed as he pounded his substantial belly against her upturned ass. “Girl got a good motor” observed “she start up real quick and easy too.”

“You got some lube so I can grease her asshole up good? Ellis ask? “Her pussy plenty juicy, can spread her pussy juice around but I don’t want to take a chance of tearing her when I know you gonna use her later this week and I don’t want to blister my dick up neither.”

“No KY or anything here” replied Larry “you got a choice of cooking oil or butter both of those should do fine”. Ellis looked over the counter and spied a small bottle of olive oil underneath a cabinet. Picked it up and headed back to the party.

As Ellis left the room Larry walked to the fridge and removed the cloudy covered glass and placed it on the counter so it would have time to come to room temperature before being poured. He knew it would be awhile before time to serve it.

When Ellis reentered the room Earl had deposited his load inside Joanne and Majid was now behind her fucking away as Earl’s cum seeped out from Joanne’s vagina around Majid’s skinny cock. Earl lay recovering on the bed and Ellis could tell from Joanne’s passiveness that she wasn’t being stimulated by Majid. Larry walked over, gave Joanne a hard slap on her right ass cheek and said, “Move that ass bitch, you here to fuck and you ain’t fucking now move that ass and satisfy that black dick in your pussy.” Ellis then delivered another hard slap to her ass and Joanne began urgently pressing back against Majid’s timid thrusts. It didn’t take long for the added excitement to drive Majid to his first climax and he grunted as he deposited his semen inside Joanne.

Joanne now lay, stretched face down on the bed with the two men who had just fucked her on either side. Ellis stood and waited for only a couple of minutes then walked to the foot of the bed and grabbed a hand full of her hair pulling her head back sharply toward him and she struggled to reach her knees then stumbled back toward Ellis as he lifted her head upward to stand at the foot of the bed. “Look here bitch you got two soft black dicks in front of you” Ellis barked as he continued to hold her hair tightly in his hand “how you expect to get fucked proper tonight with soft dicks? Your job is to keep them dicks hard now get your ass down there and suck them dicks hard so you can get fucked.” He pushed her toward the two on the bed and Joanne bent toward Earl’s cum coated soft dick. Ellis delivered another slap to her ass and barked “Move bitch; get a dick in your mouth and the other in your hand”. Joanne inserted Earl’s wide cock head between her lips and with her right hand grasp Majid’s dick and began pumping it.

Rick’s night had been one of constant arousal and misery. No matter what he did he could not get the scenes playing in his mind to rest. He was on his third stiff drink since Joanne’s departure. He kept envisioning Larry’s large dick fucking his wife’s face or his hands probing her wet inner walls and ravaging her as she reached one orgasm after another. He had already masturbated twice, cum spattered the wooden deck in front of his chair and still his erection demanded more. He had just watched Joanne’s video on his laptop and it had led to his just completed second climax. Rick got up from his chair and poured another drink then returned to his seat and began scrolling through the recent comments from those who had viewed Joanne’s porn site video. The viewership was now well in excess of 40,000 and still growing due to the high positive rating and the fact that it had been voted the best video in the Amateur category for the past two months. His lovely wife had accidentally developed quite a following.

Rick sipped his drink and slowly pumped his cock with one hand while scrolling the comments with the other. “Hottest woman ever”, “Love to tie her to the bed and eat her pussy until she cums in my mouth, love to lick that ass too”, “Want to serve her up to a big gang bang party the little slut”, “Please, please, please post more video or pictures, I’ve watched your video almost everyday since I found it on this site and I cum every time I watch you, please give me more to worship, please”. Rick was struck by the plea of this viewer. He could envision the poor man maybe feeling much as he currently did unable to get Joanne off his mind and returning to the same thoughts of her body in the throes of an orgasm and wanting so badly to touch her and fuck her but unable to do so while knowing that someone or something else is giving her satisfaction while you suffer with an eternal erection and think about her. Rick felt a unique kinship with the writer.

Rick opened a private password protected folder of photos on his laptop and began scanning through pictures of his wife from the last couple of years. Some nude, some dressed, some showing naked body parts that Joanne might have taken herself and sent to Rick at his office or when he traveled. Many he had masturbated to in private while in a hotel room or behind his closed office door. He selected about a dozen of his favorites with Joanne in what he considered some of her most arousing poses or a close up of her open wet pussy and ass with cum pooling among her puffy folds of skin. He returned to the porn site and clicked back to the section of comments. He opened a box and typed “Dear viewer, thank you for your comments, here are a few of my private pictures which I hope you will enjoy. Your tributes are always welcome and much appreciated. I love reading all the nasty things everyone wants to do to me”. Signed “Milf That Can’t Stop Cumming” the same moniker as the label someone had placed on Joanne’s video. Rick then began downloading Joanne’s pictures below the comments. He clicked ‘send’ and instantly the words and pictures began populating his screen appearing beneath Joanne’s video. He had just offered up more of his lovely young wife’s body and face to an infinite audience and he found the realization of what he had done extremely arousing. He sat looking at the private pictures of Joanne on his screen and began to aggressively pump his cock toward its third climax. Had he only known that his Joanne was at that moment being well used, not by Larry but by three strange black men one of whom was a convicted felon at the house next door and that she was willingly yielding herself up for their pleasure as well as of her own.

It took several minutes for Joanne to revive Earl’s and Majid’s cocks. As she sucked and pumped the two dicks Ellis continued to provide frequent direction and occasional slaps to Joanne’s now reddened ass cheeks. She began to relish the stinging slaps as an additional stimulus to her own sexual excitement and personal feelings of nastiness. Both men were now sporting erections and Ellis began issuing new orders…

“Bitch, get up on the big man’s belly and get his dick in your pussy. You, little boy, get up at the head of the bed and play with her titties and keep your damn dick hard till I tell you what to do with it” Ellis demanded.

Joanne moved along Earl’s wide body and stretched her leg over his belly feeling his hard dick head rubbing against her ass. Earl positioned the large head against her now slick opening and easily penetrated into her vagina. Ellis pushed her forward to lie flat upon Earl’s chest with her firm breasts flattened against his flabby man tits. “Hike that pretty little ass up higher” Ellis told her as he delivered a slap to her ass cheek. Joanne obediently rotated her pelvis down lifting her full round ass toward Ellis.

Ellis fingered Joanne’s little tight brown round opening and slid a finger inside the little bud and rotated it around feeling her tightness. He opened the bottle of olive oil and poured a stream into her crack then began working his hand along her crack and into her tight opening. One, two, three and then four fingers invaded her ass as Joanne relaxed and began rotating her hips as Earl’s fat dick stimulated her vaginal walls and made contact with Ellis’s fingers through the thin tissue separating them.

“You gonna get a Black DP now bitch.” Ellis said as he stroked his long cock and positioned it at her stretched, slick opening. The head of his dick popped inside her rectum easily and he pressed further into her rear chute. Joanne moaned slightly as she felt the fullness in her body and began reacting to the pulsing rhythm of the two large dicks rubbing closely together inside her.

Ellis knew from numerous years of ass fucking women and men that he would max her rectum out before his full length penetrated her and sought to locate that spot where his thrusts would become painful as her rectum made its sharp turn into her intestine. Joanne’s pleasure was now soaring as the two cocks sawed away inside her responding body. She sought to thrust her pelvis with the pace the two were setting but her small body captured between the two large males prevented her from grinding against them as freely as she would like. She started to feel some pain from her rectum as Ellis hit bottom and backed off slightly allowing the discomfort to abate.

“Little boy” Ellis directed “get your dick in her mouth and plug her up we gonna make her air tight now and see how she fuck.” Majid quickly scooted in front of Joann’s head as she lifted it up and looked at him. Majid pressed his thin cock to her lips and it slipped inside. Joanne’s face was now being forced toward Majid’s belly as the two other dicks inside her thrust her forward. “Get that dick in her throat boy” Ellis ordered as Majid pushed his length more urgently into her mouth. Joanne felt it hit the back of her throat causing her gag reflux to engage as spittle sprayed out of her mouth and onto Majid’s body as she struggled with the blockage in her throat. Suddenly, Ellis delivered a very hard slap to her ass which was immediately following by his hand reaching around her face and pinching her nostrils closed between his thumb and index finger. Joanne’s shock from the hard slap turned to panic as her air supply was drastically reduced with her nose closed causing her to gasp and struggle to get air through her mouth and around Majid’s dick blocking much of her airway. She began to struggle wildly to get free and obtain more oxygen her whole body now thrashing between the two bodies trapping it. Ellis released her nose and she sucked in fresh air breathing deeply for several breaths. The pleasing sensations emanating from inside her became dominate quickly and she returned to savor her feelings of pleasure.

As Joanne began to relax, Ellis delivered another hard smack to her ass and again pinched off her air supply. This time she held her breath for as long as she could instead of attempting to force a breath. She did eventually resort to wildly struggling to gain more air before Ellis released her nose again. She began to understand how the game was being played now and realized that her distress was desired as part of this perverse sex play. The next episode of deprivation she accepted more willingly and her feelings of distress were supplanted by her building state of arousal. Each slap delivered by Ellis pushed her closer to the top.

Joanne could sense that Majid was ready to cum as his movements and breathing became urgent. She felt the stream of warm salty semen enter her mouth as he again emptied himself inside her. As his dick softened and slipped from her she had only now to concentrate on deriving satisfaction from the two remaining dicks penetrating her. She heard herself saying “Smack my ass Ellis, please smack my ass, again Ellis, and spank my ass again!”

Ellis responded to Joanne’s demands and began delivering frequent sharp slaps to her now urgently churning ass. Joanne’s body seemed to shake and quiver more violently with each each stinging blow. Larry watched in disbelief at the monitor as Joanne called on Ellis to supply more punishment while obviously consumed in a fog of sexual abandonment as she urged herself and both men toward orgasm. He couldn’t believe that this petite young housewife could possible become such a complete sexual animal disclosing an inner core of utter rawness in front of him. He knew he would have something very special to close her introductory video when it was distributed to his select clients the following day. He continued to watch as Joanne’s petite little body trapped and pressed between the two large men shook and trembled with a violent orgasm as black and white skin slid seductively against each other in a culminating sexual meshing lubricated by the sweat of all three partners.

Joanne’s body continued to involuntarily spasm between Earl and Ellis as she felt Earl pump another load inside her well used vagina. Ellis slowly extracted his still hard cock from her pleasured ass. Earl’s dick softened and slipped from her soaked opening and he slid from beneath her leaving Joanne lying face down with both her holes well stretched and gaping open as a steady trickle of cum ran from her pussy and onto the now saturated sheets. The two men watched her body periodically shiver from the little deaths ebbing through her pussy and forcing more sensual flows of liquids from her vagina’s inner depths. The sight was enthralling.

Larry had turned his attention to his laptop following the loud finish in the adjoining room. He clicked on his bookmark for Joanne’s porn video to get updated information for the file he was putting together. He noted the continued high ranking of her performance and the growing count of viewers she had acquired. He jotted down the numbers so he could edit them in and then began cutting and pasting some of the viewer comments which he also planned to include. He scrolled onto the recent post containing some photographs of Joanne. He enlarged the frame and was greeted by some high quality pictures of the pretty woman. The pictures ran from Joanne in a sweet little dress with a bright smile standing before what he supposed was her home to Joanne in a revealing Black Teddy, Joanne’s nakedness reflected in a full length mirror, Joanne lying nude in bed with her legs spread and looking provocatively at the camera and a high definition close-up of Joanne’s vulva from below showing the ridges of her soft folds, protective outer lips and her slightly open vagina with a hint of moisture glistening along the inner seams. She looked delicious. Larry knew right away that Rick had to be the one adding these pictures. He was posting them tonight while he thought his lovely wife was fucking him. Larry smiled to himself. Maybe his approach to Rick and Joanne the next day would be easier and more agreeable than he could have possible hoped for. The lovely lady’s own husband providing some of their own private pictures to a new world of admirers. How very fortunate for Larry and his unfolding plan.

All had gotten quiet in the adjoining room. Ellis having slumped into a nearby chair got up and said to the rest of the group. “Boys, party is nearing the end if you want some more of that white pussy now’s the time to get it.” Ellis walked out closing the door behind him.

Earl sat up and rolled Joanne’s body over with her face up. He clasp her face in his hand and turned her to face his soft dick and began pressing the large cum coated head against her lips. Majid took the opportunity to spread Joanne’s legs and crawl between them and inserted his hardening cock inside her creamy interior. Joanne lay open and accepting of their penetrations and enjoyed the less demanding use of her body by the two ardent suitors.

Ellis went into the bath, ran some hot water and washed off his still erect member. He didn’t want to take the chance of some infection from any shit he might have encountered while plunging the little woman’s ass. Afterwards he went into the kitchen where Larry was on his laptop. “Letting the two boys drop another load in the little bitch then send ‘em home” Ellis said. “Sounds good” Larry responded. “We got enough good stuff tonight and I’ve got some work to complete before tomorrow.” “We’ll see if our little porn star wants to go home or sleep here after she has refreshments.”

It didn’t take long for Earl to spill a small load in Joanne’s mouth and for Majid to finish yet again inside Joanne’s vagina. As they pulled away from her Joanne got up to seek relief for her full bladder. Ellis came in and told Earl and Majid to get dressed the party were over. They quickly dressed while Ellis returned to the kitchen with Larry. Joanne returned to an empty room.

Larry thanked Earl and Majid for their participation and gave them both a credit voucher to be used at the gentlemen’s beach club. He also supplied them with the porn site address where they could access Joanne’s video whenever they wished. “Sure some sweet pussy on that little lady” Earl said grinning as they departed the porch and went on their way.

Larry and Ellis returned to the kitchen and Larry poured Ellis and himself a drink and said, guess its time to see if our lady is ready for her special cocktail. He pulled out a martini glass from the cabinet and emptied the now viscous room temperature liquid into it. The wide cocktail glass was about two thirds filled by the cloudy, milky ejaculate. “You might want to check this out before you take that in there” Ellis said from behind him. Larry turned toward Ellis and saw him looking at the video feed from the next room on the monitor. Joanne lay on the rumpled wet bed clothes with her knees bent and legs splayed openly while pulling and teasing her puffy labia lips and tweaking her aroused little clit. Her eyes were open in invitation as she stared unblinking into one of the video cameras.

“Get your ass back in there” Larry said to Ellis. “We may be through for the night but it appears the lady isn’t.” Larry picked up a handheld camera and followed Ellis’s still naked body back into the room. He wasn’t about to miss getting close-up shots of what might happen next.

As the two men entered the room, Joanne turned her gaze to them as she continued teasing herself with her hand. She raised up to sit on the edge of the bed and said “Ellis come over here.”

Ellis presented his naked manhood before Joanne. She placed her right hand around his seemingly permanent hard cock and pumped it slowly. She moved his long shaft slightly to the side and lowered her lips to his muscular lower belly and began licking around the coiled snake tattoo staring ominously at her with its long exposed fangs. She licked along the outline of its extended body and kissed and sucked against Ellis’s skin covered by the open mouth and frightening fangs of the serpent. She licked down the length of the coiled body and then out along Ellis’s shaft tattooed also to appear as if it were a continuation of the snake’s skin. She kissed and licked the long slender head of his dick nipping along the back of the smooth raised mushroom shape with her teeth to stimulate him. She worked over his cock lovingly then proceeded to trace her tongue back along the outlines of the reared serpent and when she reached it’s threatening head again she sucked hard against the skin of Ellis’s belly and nipped his flesh with her teeth Ellis was startled at the unexpected twinge of pain and as Joanne began to lick back down along this shaft once again he noticed the trace of blood trickle down the serpents body from her sharp little bite.

As Joanne reached Ellis’s cock head again she slipped onto her knees and placed her hands on Ellis’s hips as she began working more and more of his long black shaft into her mouth. She quickly found the head at her throat and concentrated on holding her breath as she took more of him in and breathing as she moved her head back. She developed a slow steady movement and began holding him in her throat for longer periods as she gained confidence with her technique.
She felt Ellis begin to thrust into her mouth and she stopped, removed her mouth from him and said “Ellis you be still now, I’m going to take your cock down my throat but you need to let me do it.” She placed his dick back in her mouth and proceeded to resume her earlier pace. Joanne worked Ellis’s cock into her accepting mouth and throat until she felt her nose bumping against his hard belly and opened her eyes to stare directly into the open mouth of the serpent. She held her breath as she made several short movements with her head working Ellis’s dick against the tightness of her throat. She slowly moved her head back as Ellis’s dick slid from her mouth and stood again erect against his stomach. Larry had his camera zoomed in tight on Joanne’s mouth during the entire episode. He had recorded the most erotic blowjob he had ever witnessed.

Joanne immediately turned and crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees. She lifted her ass toward Ellis offering her open, wet vagina to him and said “Fuck me Ellis, fuck my pussy now; you are going to fuck me until you cum inside me, fuck me.” Ellis lowered his cock to her dripping opening and smoothly slid it inside her and began thrusting deeper into her vagina. Joanne’s cream filled pussy closed invitingly against Ellis’s penetrations. He could feel her walls contracting as he experienced her warm, welcoming interior for the first time.

Joanne opened herself and rocked her hips with Ellis’s body movements as she felt her pussy filled and stimulated by the long hard cock. She began to feel the head of Ellis’s dick hitting her cervical wall. The contact was direct and very firm due to his length and hardness. Joanne felt a wave of nausea hit her as contact was made by each probing thrust. “Ellis, Joanne said, push your cock in firm against my cervix and hold it still for a minute and let me do the moving.” Ellis penetrated until he was firmly against the rough firm surface of her cervical wall. Joanne began rocking and rotating her pelvis so as to work the head of Ellis’s dick against her firm inner tissues. Her movements caused the head to massage her inner wall creating a unique sensation for Ellis and allowing Joanne and her cervix to become more accommodating to the foreign presence. As Joanne relaxed her wall became more accepting of the pressure from Ellis’s cock and the slight pain Joanne felt became mixed with her pleasure and the nausea passed. Joanne began moving more briskly and said “Ok, Ellis fuck me”.

The pace of their coupling increased with Ellis now routinely pounding against Joanne’s cervix and Joanne arching back against his thrusts permitting maximum penetration. Joanne was emitting little yelps of pleasure and Ellis was breathing heavily as they worked their bodies in mutual abandonment. Ellis reached up and grasp a hand full of Joanne’s hair and pulled her head back causing her to arch her back as he pounded inside her. “Slap my ass, Slap my ass Ellis!” Joanne cried between raspy breaths as Ellis held her hair firmly and began slapping her right cheek while Joanne’s body convulsed in an overwhelming orgasm. At that point Ellis experienced his first spontaneous orgasm in quite some time. His dick pulsed inside of Joanne’s contracting vagina and she felt the warm flood of Ellis’s semen spill inside her. Joanne smiled with the satisfaction of having Ellis climax inside her. She felt fullness from the large volume of semen he discharged into her.

Their pace slowed as the strong wave of pleasure receded. Joanne collapsed against the bed as Ellis backed away from her to a nearby chair. Larry zoomed in to capture a close-up of Joanne’s open vagina and its continuing pulsing as Ellis’s cum flowed from her.

Except for the audible breathing of the two spent partners all was quiet as they recovered. Larry continued to record for awhile getting shots of Joanne’s exposed open vagina and her upturned ass along with some shots of Ellis’s semi-hard cock its shaft coated with the residue of their recent coupling. After a few minutes Larry put the camera aside and went into the kitchen to retrieve the waiting martini glass. He returned to the room as Joanne raised up and looked at him. She shifted her position to sit on the edge of the bed and looked at the glass in Larry’s hand. “Is that what I think it is?” she ask.

“It’s a tribute from both Earl and Majid which they gave after watching your video performance earlier today and several contributions from yours truly over the past couple of days.” Larry answered.

“What about Ellis?” Joanne inquired.

“Nope, Ellis isn’t part of the mix” replied Larry.

Joanne reached for the glass, held it in her hand and looked it over. Larry began recording again with the hand held. Joanne got off the bed and squatted at the foot of the bed and gingerly placed the martini glass beneath her. She spread her outer lips with the fingers of one hand and allowed some of Ellis’s still warm cum to trickle from her open vagina and into the glass. She stood up and swished the milky mixture around as if to mix it. “A cocktail made from the cum of all the men who fucked my pussy today” Joanne said. She smiled as Larry captured her performance with his camera. “Cheers!” Joanne said as she brought the glass to her lips and in three swallows downed the slimy liquids and handed the empty glass back to Larry.

Control of the room and the night had changed. Quietly and unexpectedly the young, seemingly vulnerable female now commanded the stage and called the shots. She walked across the room and gathered her dress, thong and shoes from the floor, walked back past Ellis, stopped, reached up to pull his face down to hers kissing him full on the mouth and exited the room. The last that Larry saw of her that night was her small naked figure walking barefoot across the damp grass with her dress over her arm back to her husband and family.