A Couple for the Ladies


Okay, well now that that’s clear. When you have the next opportunity, tear your clothes off. Stare at your horny naked body. Look in the mirror.

You’re going to start too soon. Grab your titties, squeeze them hard, come on, you know you want to fuck yourself.

I don’t want you to think about anything except what a compulsive little cunt fucker you are.

Look in the mirror at your ass.

Grab your fucking ass and squeeze it hard.

You know you want to, because you’re horny little cunt. You can’t help yourself. You are pathetic. You are ridiculous. All you can think about is how much you need to be told to masturbate because it’s the only thing you’re good for.

You can feel yourself getting wet. You need to know that’s all you can do. You want to do it.

You live for it. You want to lay back and spread your legs, so DO it. Get that WET cunt throbbing.

Masturbate. Masturbate now. You know your pussy needs it, your clit needs it.

Don’t you dare cum yet. You don’t get off that easy. Pinch your clit hard, make it hurt, bitch.

Push two fingers deep inside, In and out. Stroke it. Stroke your fingers in that juicy wet pussy.

It feels good, doesn’t it?

You need this, to touch yourself and feel humiliated because I know what you’re doing and your fetish.

You need to know that people think of you masturbating, and I know you’re a dirty little whore can’t think of anything except the next time she’s going to do it again.

Think about that as you rock your hips. FUCK yourself you little whore. You know you need to, you know you want it, because you NEED to cum.

All the time when you’re finished cumming you’re thinking about cumming again. When you’re doing other things in your life in the back your mind, you are always thinking about the next time that you’re going to be able to masturbate and feel like the cunt fucker you are.

Admit it to yourself that you’re a little pussy banger who needs to fuck herself all the time.

You are someone who needs to find toys to jam her hot holes.

Go on, do it. Go on, you little bitch, do it. You know damn şişli escort bayan well that you have to.

You know damn well other people read this and they’re going to know that you masturbated to my words, you couldn’t help yourself.

Fill your head with images of everyone watching your pathetic activity masturbating while they watch fascinated, and masturbate as well. KNOW that you actually are exciting others to participate as well.

We all know what you’re doing, what a horny goonbird you are.

That’s it. Rub that clit feel it.

You need this pleasure, this mix of pleasure and humiliation.

You need to feel the emotions as well as the sensations.

Your brain is on fire like your pussy and you can’t help yourself.

You know how pathetic your yearnings are, but it doesn’t stop here, don’t stop, take it to the next level.

Moan out loud. Tell yourself, how horny you are and how you need this.

Squirm with pleasure.

Revel in your humiliation.

Admit to yourself that you can’t stop. Allow it to happen, to build… come on slave. You’re a slave to pleasure, a slave to pathetic pleasure, You are a slave, a victim, and a prisoner of your own obsessive compulsive needs.

You’re hot. Your cunt needs release.

Your clit is engorged, , the lips are swollen, so warm so wet.

You’re going to cum.

You’re going to cum, for yourself, for your hot cunt, for me and everyone reading this.

We all know what you do. You certainly know what to do.

And we want you to do it to prove how pathetic you can be.

Cum now bitch. Feel the lust. Feel the approval and the lust of us all watching or reading abut you, KNOWING you are doing it.

Feel it. Feel it. Feel it. Feel it. Feel it and cum.

Cum, cum , cum, cum, pleasure, orgasm, wet hot pussy, dirty masturbator, cum.

Cum. Cum.

Feel pleasure, do it do it now.

And when you come down do it again.


Now for a more sensual session:

I’m presuming that you are naked right now.

I am certain that at this very taksim escort bayan moment you are playing with yourself. I think you are probably penetrating yourself over and over with one of your sex toys, one of your dildos.

I hope that you are enjoying your pleasure and bliss.

I want you to rhythmically fuck yourself.

I want you to ride it. I want you to be in different positions and think about how good it feels.

Concentrate on your pleasure. Focus on the feelings, the sensations, on the mind fuck.

You know that you’re fucking yourself up, but it feels so fucking good. You can’t help yourself, as your desire overwhelms you now. You need to compulsively masturbate.

Desire and lust take over.

You must be naked and need to masturbate your body. You crave to play with your tits, caressing your thighs, feeling your skin, recording the responses of your stimulation into your memory, as you play with all your erogenous zones.

Feeling the arousal, feeling the pleasure, you need to feel this incredible desire and lust in your body.

Mindless animalistic fucking pleasure is all you think of in this state! You’re visualizing hard penises, erect nipples, swollen puffy vaginas, stiff clits, as you grind your hips rhythmically to your stimulation, and fantasy. Maybe you are watching pornography as you masturbate, to entice you more, to feel the wet juices leaking out of your horny cunt.

You think about cumming all the time. You are indulging yourself, giving in to the desire.

Your urges are constant, you’re stroking, massaging, teasing, pleasuring, masturbating. Masturbating, masturbating; it’s a mantra, masturbating, pleasure, penetration, sex, nakedness, arousal. You are thinking of orgasm, desire, lust, and you are masturbating, masturbating, masturbating, masturbating. Feeling the pleasure build, feeling the wetness dripping out of your cunt, the swollen pink flesh so sensitive, so enticing, your hips rhythmically rocking back and forth, as you fuck over and over you’re wet pussy.

Think of your pussy, your tits, and you stiff nipples. Visualize beşiktaş escort bayan you spread legs as if being watched. Think of tight assholes as you caress your butt cheeks. Lean over on your side, and touch yourself, sliding your hands up and down your thighs, your soft inner thighs. Encourage and stimulate the sensitivity on the backs of your knees, touching your skin, feeling your fingers on your flesh, the sensation of your skin on your fingertips and the hot arousal it give you. Fondle and squeeze your tits, and tease your nipples.

Let it happen. Let it build, let it fuck you up. Feed your mind with images of decadent sexual behavior. Indulge yourself in your fantasies, and revel in your dirty, kinky pleasures.

Think about fucking, sucking cock, licking pussy, being fisted, having someone undress you. Think of the felling of a warm tongue, male or female, swirling around and around your swollen clitoris!

You like that don’t you? It makes you moan with lust and desire! So good, it’s so good, so good, so hot, and you should know as I’m saying these things to you, I am picturing you doing them all, and I am hard, so fucking hard right now, teasing my cock, as I speak these dirty thoughts to your mind, and imagine you masturbating long into the night. I hope you cum over and over.

Give in to your needs. Never stop pleasuring yourself , oh god it feels so good my cock feels good, I’m sure your hot pussy feels best right now! Perhaps you are seeing in your mind another woman getting off to you, so horny like you! it would be great to do those with her but this is the next best thing!

I hope you read this, ladies, and it inspires you on your next masturbatory adventures, but now, NOW it is time to cum.

I want you to concentrate on your pleasure for as long as you can stand it, until you’re ready and must absolutely climax.

Then I want you to cum. Do what needs to be done. Rub it, rub it hard, fuck yourself, feel the intensity, the heat between your legs, the mindless desire and lust filled neurons firing in your brain, fueled by your hot cunt! You want this, you need this, you want more, and more to get off! So do it! NOW!

CUM, CUM, CUM, CUM, CUM, CUM, CUM, CUM HARD. FEEL it. FEEL the contractions, the pulsing hot orgasm! It’s SO GOOD! YES, CUM MORE, FEEL MORE LUST, and PLEASURE as you CUM, CUM. YES CLIMAX NOW, squirt if you can! CUM NOW, NOW, NOW …CUMMMMMMmm mmmmm!! Yes… bliss…