12 yr old Natila


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Part 2

I woke up and woked up Natila. “Babe wake up” saying to her. “What do you want” she said but she’s still tired from yesterday. “Do you know how to prepare breakfast?” I asked her. “Nope, do you?” she asked me. “Nope” I replyed. “But we could go to Mcdonalds wich we don’t live far” I told her. “You go get it, you order anything I’ll eat it” she said. It’s good thing I have 150$ cause I have chores. I went there and orderd the McMuffin 1 for me 1 for her. Then I went back to her house, open the door and ate. After that we took a bath together. “Let’s kiss”she said in the shower. When I kissed her, I tongue kissed her. After we got out we started having sex in her room. I fucked her buthole so fast that I cummed in her ass. “What the fuck, why would you cum in my ass?” Natila said. “I don’t really know why” I said. Then licked pussy and fingerd her. “God yes, deeper, deeper” she said happy. Then I fingerd her. God my fingers are wet cause of Natila’s pussy is soo wet. “Natila god your pussy wet” I said looking at her eye to eye. ” I want to taste my pussy juice.” she demanded. I put my finger in her pussy again. “Natila the pussy juice is on my fingers” I said. She sucked my fingers and liked it. Is time to fuck her hard. I shove my cock up her pussy so deep. “Shit make me cum” she said we i fucked her. My cock was so big when i fucked her really hard. Man I felt I do wanna cum on her face. I fucked her really fast that I take my cock off from her pussy and cum on her. “Kevin what are you doing!?. Why is cock is not in my pussy?” she said. “Natila I wan’t to cum on your face” I said. I started rubing my cock up and down fast that cumed on face and it was a big load. “O Kevin I love you.” she said and eating the cum. “Ok. This time you make yourself cum” I asked. Natila fingers were at her own pussy and fingerd her self fast. “God Fuck this is so good!” she yelled. She so fast with her fingers up her pussy that she squirted. “I’m cumming!” she said squirting to much. “I do you like it when you squirted?” I asked her. “Dam it was good” she answered. Then I kissed her and suck her tits. “My freinds are gonna be soo jelouis when I fucked” Natila said cheerful. “Sure” I said. “Don’t tell anyone that we had sex together Natila ” “Ok” she said. This is my first time havin sex.